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Viewing Imaging from home 

  • Before it'll work, make sure you ensure the following:

The operating system should be Windows XP(32-bit) SP3.
The browser must be IE 7.
Based upon limited testing iSite 3.6 appears to work with IE 8 on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7(64-bit), but does not appear to work with IE 8 on Windows 7(32-bit).
The Java plug-in should be Microsoft's, (though some later Sun versions may work).
The web servers must be added to Trusted Sites, using the default security for the zone.
The Stentor controls must be allowed to run.
The user must have at least 100MB of cache configured for IE.
Pop-Ups must be allowed.

**If you still can't pull up images, its probably a security setting on internet explorer.  Try to decrease the security setting slider in options.


The % symbol is the wildcard for searching in the paging system.

Just remember that the last name comes first in the system.


  • Searching for "D%J" would bring up "Doe, John, "D'oh, Jon", "Dough, Jonathan", and "Do, Jane", etc.
  • Searching for "%John" would bring up "Doe, John" as well as "Johnson, James".
  • Searching for "J%D" would bring up "Johnson, Dave" but not "Doe, John".

Entering "%Jo" does the same thing as "%Jo%" since the search function automatically assumes a % at the end of each string.

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