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What is Confluence?

Confluence is a robust and fully-featured wiki. Wikis are websites that you can author within your web browser. It's a simple concept, but it has heralded a new era of user-friendly and distributed document collaboration. And Confluence adds so much more.

How Might I Use Confluence?

Confluence ties all of your information together in an easy-to-edit, easy-to-organize, and easy-to-search package. If there's any information you have which you would like to share with anyone else, or work on with anyone else, and you'd like to have secure access to it through your web browser, then put it in Confluence. For example...

  • Office Documents (use Confluence attachments to keep a Word, Excel, etc document preserved as-is, or move the content into an editable web page)
  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes (keep track of your meetings, chronologically, in a way that everyone can see and contribute to)
  • Memos (no need to spread multiple copies of a paper or e-mail memo, just create it centrally in Confluence and alert people)
  • How-Tos (walk someone, step-by-step, through a defined procedure)
  • Policies (make sure everyone can see, comment on, and even edit - where appropriate - the organizational policies that impact them)
  • Personal Work Logs / To-Dos (keep track of what you are doing for your own benefit, but also let others take a peek)
  • Contact Lists (keep track of each team member's contact information and let them update it themselves)
  • Launchpads (craft a page of links that are critical to you or your team and let others use and update it)
  • Employee Education Materials (have a new employee who needs to learn the ropes? With Confluence keeping track of all your processes and procedures, you have a comprehensive guide to hand them)

Where Can I Learn More?

Check out Atlassian's Confluence Q&A. They know their stuff. Additionally, we've collected a set of basic articles and blog entries about wikis.

How Do I Get Started? 

We thought you'd never ask!  To dig in to Confluence's rich set of features, use the "Next" link below...



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