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Android Devices (UMHS KnowledgeBase)
Android Device Administration !500pxandroidlogosvg.gif align=center
Duo Two-Factor Security (UMHS KnowledgeBase)
Twofactor authentication is a second layer of security, keeping an individual’s account secure even if their password is compromised. It requires two proofs of identity when logging in: Something you know, such as your Level2 Password UMHSHELPDESK ...
iPhone (UMHS KnowledgeBase)
iPhone Administration iPhone Links and FAQs (outside link) !iphoneblank.jpg
iPhone - Wireless Network Configuration (UMHS KnowledgeBase)
two wireless networks in the Health System that are compatible with the iOS devices: UMHS802.1X #8021x is the recommended wireless network for iOS devices, but does require a Level 2 account Level2 Password in order to access. MWirelessUMHS #wireless is an alternative network that also ...
NAS - Mapping UMHS Shared Drives (UMHS KnowledgeBase)
Keywords to add for searches: NAS, UMHSNAS Authentication The UMHS/MCIT NAS file servers use Level2 Level2 Password passwords for authentication. Please visit the Level2 Password Level2 Password page for information on how to change the password. CoreImage Machines ...