Content in this Guide refers to an old version of Confluence! While the basic concepts of working with a wiki have not changed, the specific instructions may no longer be applicable. An updated guide will eventually be available in the Knowledgebase space.

Click the following link to access a quick collection of tutorials for the new Confluence version:

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Atlassian, the software company responsible for Confluence, encourages other vendors to develop additional features for use within the application. These features are enabled via extra modules called plugins. The following list provides describes some of the plugins installed within UMMS Confluence to provide additional functionality. Click the plugin name to be directed to a page with additional information.

Confluence Tools

Confluence offers a basic calendar function through a macro that allows a page to be used to house a basic calendar interface capable of supporting multiple calendars, sometimes called "sub-calendars" to distinguish them from the calendar interface.



Confluence includes the ability to arrange a hierarchy of pages to appear as a forum. In brief, Confluence forum functionality works in the following manner:

  • The main "Forum page" contains some optional explanatory text and the {fourm} macro, which may include some additional option parameters.
  • Topics are the child pages of the main Forum page.
  • Replies to a topic are the Comments of that specific topic page.



The Gliffy Confluence Plugin allows users to incorporate flowcharts and diagrams on pages in order to communicate more effectively. Gliffy provides an the easy way to create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more. All diagrams are stored inside Confluence.


Jing Video

Jing is a quick screencast and screenshot software that can be used for quick, lightweight video capture. The software has some limitations, like with file format and size, but works well for quick video sharing.



TaskDock is more than just an individual task list within Confluence. It also allows tasks to be shared and distributed across all members of a space, encouraging active collaboration on the content and maintenance of the space.



Confluence allows space administrators a limited ability to modify the Look and Feel of a space. In addition to changing the color scheme or space logo, a new theme can be selected to change how content is displayed in a space.


Visibility Plugin

This plugin contains macros which allow content to be shown or hidden based on username, group, or space access. While these macros effectively block the content when the page is viewed directly, all of the text on the page is indexed and will show up in page summaries as well as being visible by viewing the page source from the Page Info view.

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