Content in this Guide refers to an old version of Confluence! While the basic concepts of working with a wiki have not changed, the specific instructions may no longer be applicable. An updated guide will eventually be available in the Knowledgebase space.

Click the following link to access a quick collection of tutorials for the new Confluence version:

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Before we begin talking about what you can do with spaces and pages, it's important to define the terms.

A Confluence page is a web page which you can fully edit (based on permissions that have been granted) within a web browser. Text (in various formats and languages), hyperlinks, embedded media (images, etc), and even dynamic content are all possible. Pages are organized hierarchically and can contain other pages (see Browsing).

A Confluence space is a collection of pages. In many cases we associate political / organizational units with spaces (i.e. MSIS Technical Services has its own space), but you could also think of them like topics (i.e. a space could be called "Emergency Procedures" and collect all the relevant information within it).

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