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Welcome to the Confluence Guide space! We've developed it in an attempt to help new users familiarize themselves with Confluence, but also to help existing users refresh their memories. Use the outline to the left for a structured walk-through, or just hop around and explore. For complete information about everything the Confluence software has to offer, see Atlassian's user guide.

Use the navigation pane on the left to jump to a particular topic. If you are just getting started, we recommend visiting the Introduction page to start your overview.

The UMMS Confluence instance and Internet Explorer 11.0.9 are currently incompatible.
When attempting to edit any content, either a page or a comment, Confluence will not recognize the addition of text when using Rich Text mode.
  • If possible, use a different browser, or an older version of Internet Explorer, to work with Confluence content.
  • If using an affected version of Internet Explorer, instead enter the text in Wiki Markup mode by clicking that option when editing a page/comment above the text entry field. A page can also be edited in Rich Text mode, but in order to save the changes, first click the Wiki Markup tab above the editing field and then the Save button (as opposed to just clicking the Save button).


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