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  • 2. Honoring Choices
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2. Honoring Choices

Patient and family-centered care acknowledges the patient and family as the experts responsible for their healthcare.  A Poke Plan gives the child a voice and a means to communicate their preferences and choices. Honoring these choices with needlesticks and procedures empowers the child to take an active role in the care.
Connect with the child on a personal level. 

  • Explain that the child's Poke and Procedure Plan will be used for the poke or procedure
  • Identify needs and preferences of the child
  • Respect and honor a child's choices
  • Allow parents to be present and be a coach for their child
  • Communicate the child's preferences and choices to other staff and providers
  • Explain to the child that there are times when situations may limit choices.  You may say, "We are not able to have you sit up for this, but you can have your stuffed dog lie down with you."
  • Encourage the child and parent to share "their choices" with other staff telling thme what worked and what did not
  • Thank the child for their help (and cooperation) explaining how it made the procedure go faster 



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