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UMHS Leadership Reference

Welcome to UMHS Leadership Development

UMHS Past Leadership Day Speakers - Click here to see Leadership Day videos.


Design Your Leadership Development Plan

Review the UMHS Leadership Competencies. What competency would you like to work on?
Write a simple Leadership Development Plan 
Find a course or program to support your development.
Identify a coach or mentor  who can provide you with feedback and/or learning opportunities.
Organize a Peer Mentoring Group  

Learning and Development Classes

Supervisor Quick Start

Masters Program Support Materials

EDF Lean Leadership



Link  to Change and Transition Leadership Resources 

Link  to UMHS Development Opportunities; Search HUMA in MLearning

Link to Thrive! MHealthy Stress Management Program
Link  to Campus LPD Leadership Development Offerings
Link  to MHealthy Tools for Managers

Link to Supervisor Survival Site (wiki)
Link  to UMHS Leadership Quick Reference Website list
Link  to Foundations Participant Manual 

Link  to, an online professional development site, free to UM employees. 

* Leadership Competencies and PPT Presentation

Informational Resources

Video Resources

2014-2015 Calendar of Scheduled Activities

Events and Activities







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2010-Building a Culture of Teamwork & Alliance
2011-Surviving & Thriving During Times of Change
2012 Improving Health Care Access
2014 - Engaging Ourselves in the Future of UMHS
2015 Now is Our Time!
Advice for Establishing Daily Huddles
Articles to Read
Authentic Leadership - Building Trust in Your Team
Benefits of Self Affirmation
Building a Climate of Trust
Change Management
Coaching Questions
Communication in a Diverse Population
Developing Employees-Six Tips
Diversity and Inclusion
Effective Conflict Management
Effective Meeting Management
Effective Time Management - online course
Employee Engagement - Are you ready?
Everyday Lean Ideas
Feedback and Recognition
Foundations for Successful Leadership - Toolkits
How can we improve learner success?
How to Lead by Asking Effective Questions
HRD Leadership Development Offerings
Ideal Patient Care Experience
It's the Transition, not the Change
Leadership and Cultural Inclusion
Leadership and Humor
Leadership Competency Development
Leading Positively - Strategies for Extraordinary Performance
Living Life as a Human Being
Living Life as a Human Being, Not a Human Doing
Masters Leadership Program
Masters Series Leadership Program
Masters Series Support Materials
Meeting Management Quick Reference
MHealthy Tools for Managers
Office for Institutional Equity
Performance Management
Recognition and Feedback
Resources for a Low Stress Workplace
Schedule of Development Opportunities
Stress Management Seminars for Your Unit
Summer 2014 Reading
Supervisor Quick Start
The 7 Habits of Happiness
The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor
The Learning Collaborative
Thriving During Great Change
UMHS Leadership Quick Reference Websites
UMHS Staff Development Conference Registration
We Need More Time!
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    Jane Woodworth Pettit says:

    Hi! Welcome to the new UMHS Leadership and Management Reference site. Please...

    Hi! Welcome to the new UMHS Leadership and Management Reference site. Please let me know how I can best support your leadership needs by leaving me a message on this site. Thank you!