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Performance Management


Performance Management Process: What You Need To Know
There are three distinct phases in Performance Management:

  • Setting Performance and Professional Development Goals that align with organizational and unit goals. These goals need to be communicated to all staff who then establishes individual goals that align with the unit's goals.
  • Having regular feedback to review progress and revise individual goals if necessary. Employees and managers should have conversations throughout the year. Managers should visit where work is performed. Feedback and coaching happens on a regular basis including a review of progress on goals. Any needs for support, development or resources are also identified and agreed upon.
  • Evaluating performance and professional development accomplishments. At the end of the fiscal year, an overall evaluation summary of the year occurs. There shouldn't be any surprises if regular conversations have taken place throughout the year.

Performance Management Topics

Different Applications of Performance Management
Performance Management happens throughout the year. It is not a meeting or a feedback session. It is a process. It requires a supervisor/manager to communicate well, have observational skills, provide useful feedback and listen to employees when they're facing a challenge.

NEW - Information Regarding Leadership Evaluation Forms

Foundations for Successful Leadership: Aligning Individual and Team Performance
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