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2013 Transforming Leadership - it's not business as usual

Opening Remarks

Deborah Childs opened the day with welcome remarks  and an overview of our journey to a UMHS Leadership Competency Model.

Lessons from Leadership

Recognized leaders in the Health System were interviewed for their perspectives on leadership. Watch and listen to their thoughts on: Guiding Quotes, Innovation, Adversity, Diversity and New Directions.

Transforming Leadership: it's not business as usual

Dr. Ora Pescovitz, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs opened the day: "Leadership in our Health System "


Dr. Pescovitz's remarks  set the tone for the day. It was to be a day that filled leaders with pride and inspired them to lead in new and innovative ways. In the afternoon, Dr. Pescovitz facilitated A Fork in the Road , a moment for sharing our leadership stories. She closed the day with her inspiring remarks !

Gravity Defying Leadership: Unleashing Your Organization’s Creative Mojo

Josh Linkner, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author - "Gravity Defying Leadership "


Josh Linkner challenged the audience to tap into our creative genius. From his new book, Disciplined Dreaming, discover the five steps  to tap into your creativity. 

Leadership Stories

James Woolliscroft, MD,  Dean, Medical School: Leadership Moment Story

Doug Strong, MBA, CEO, Hospitals and Health Centers - "Leadership Moment Story "


Doug's leadership story document. 

Paul Castillo, CFO, Health System: "Three Essential Qualities of Leadership "

Paul's three essential qualities of leadership  document. 

Transformational Medicine: Health Equity for All

Dr. Carmen Green, Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Health Equity and Inclusion - "Transformational Medicine "

 Dr. Green presented her vision  for her new role in Health Equity and Inclusion. She also presented the Laurita Thomas Diversity Award to two well-deserving units in our Health System.

Leadership Strengths and Values

The Leadership Day Planning Team led an activity titled Your Leadership Journeyline:Reconnecting to Your Leadership Strengths. We created two wordclouds  that summarized the participants' response.

Raise Your Voice - AKip Productions

Alex Kip is a UM Music School graduate, an opera singer and a cancer survivor. And, now, he is a playwright, "My Other Voice." Learn more about Alex by viewing this short video here .

Alex directs a student group that performed an inspiration and fun concert  for the audience! 


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