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UMHS-8021X authenticates using a UMHS Level-2 Password. UMHS-8021X is generally for use with MCIT CoreImage machines (those with a TermID label) only, but can also be used by properly-configured laptops and other wireless-capable devices. Since CoreImage devices require a user to authenticate using Level-2 credentials, those users should be able to access the 8021X wireless network.

Not all users in the Medical School have Level-2 credentials, so UMHS-8021X is not available to everyone. For those users who do have a Level-2 password, a CoreImage device is not required to access UMHS-8021X as long as the device supports WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise. The preferred security settings for UMHS-8021X is WPA2 with AES encryption using PEAP.

Authentication to UMHS-8021X is Case-Sensitive!
Level-2 passwords are required to be reset every year by MCIT, which will impact UMHS-8021X connections. After resetting the password, be sure to enter new password for the UMHS-8021X connection. Otherwise, the device will constantly try to connect with the old password and eventually lock out use of the Level-2 account entirely.
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