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Qualtrics Insights Platform (formerly Qualtrics Research Suite) is a generalized survey service permitting the creation and distribution of surveys, as well as data storage and analysis. Use of the service is free to all University of Michigan units.

Qualtrics is user-friendly but can handle complex designs. Simple surveys can be produced in minutes. Complex studies, involving randomization and embedded and longitudinal data, are possible. Qualtrics offers features that similar survey engines do not. A survey sharing mechanism enables collaboration. "Libraries" can store commonly used surveys, such as course evaluations.

Different instances of Qualtrics are called brands and there are multiple brands at the university.

  • The University of Michigan University Wide brand, which uses U-M uniqnames and Level-1 passwords for authentication, is managed by ITS, though HITS administers the UMHS division on that brand. The University Wide brand can be accessed at the following link:
  • The University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) brand, which uses U-M email addresses and internal Qualtrics passwords for authentication, is managed by HITS. The UMHS brand can be accessed at the following link:

Qualtrics is restricted to university-related work.

Conducting research or surveying students, club members or administrative units is acceptable. Using Qualtrics on behalf of outside, for-profit organizations is not, nor is personal use not related to the university.

The university's Qualtrics licenses does not include affiliates of the university.

Sensitive and/or regulated information, including Protected Health Information (PHI), may be collected and stored in Qualtrics for non-clinical, academic purposes only; i.e., research and hospital quality improvement initiatives. Qualtrics should not be used for any clinical application that delivers, documents, or otherwise contributes to the care of individual patients, no matter the sensitivity level of the data. Please contact HITS Service Desk at 734-936-8000 or the UMHS Compliance Office (734-615-4400) should you have questions.


Qualtrics is a vendor solution purchased by the University. While HITS and UMHS Qualtrics groups can provide information on how to provision accounts for the Health System, neither group contains proficient users of the system. Training on the system is available through online tutorials provided Qualtrics at the following link:

Guide to Market Research

Qualtrics' Guide to Market Research, produced with input from leading researchers, is designed to help address research challenges. The guide is intended to help users learn how to:

  • Master survey design to ensure meaningful, insight-rich data
  • Create, manage, and incentivize your own research panel to improve response rates
  • Convince decision makers and break through internal resistance to your outcomes
  • Adapt to the changing state of the research industry

The guide also contains survey templates that can be used immediately.

The Guide to Market Research can be accessed via the following link:

U-M Survey Design Course

While there is no formal course on Qualtrics at the University, Human Resource Development does offer a Basics of Survey Design class.

For additional information, click the above link or visit the Human Resource Development page:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Programs and Courses from the lefthand column and then click Process and Organizational Management.
  3. Click the Basics of Survey Design link from the curriculum track list.
Qualtrics Training and Support
Qualtrics' excellent Support Guide can be accessed using the following link:

Qualtrics offers regularly scheduled webinars and individual client training sessions. Click the option for more information.

Support Assistance

For additional assistance, email the appropriate group using the following table.