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  • NAS - Mapping UMHS Shared Drives
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The Michigan Medicine/HITS NAS file servers use Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Passwords for authentication. Please visit the Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Password page for information on how to change the password.

CoreImage Machines

CoreImage machines typically connect to three NAS (formerly Novell) drives to allow content to be stored on file servers that are backed up on a consistent schedule. Creating a connection to the standard NAS drives (H:/, S:/, T:/) can be handled Automatically or Manually.

  1. In the bottom righthand corner of the desktop, locate the blue N icon.
  2. Double-click the blue icon to map all three drives inside the My Computer section of the Windows Explorer.

Each address path needs to be entered separately.

  1. From the taskbar, open File Explorer.

  2. Select This PC. Near the top of the window click Computer and then Map Network Drive.

  1. Set up the drive mapping:

    1. In the first drop down menu, select the appropriate letter for the drive to be mapped using the table to the right.

    2. In the second box, using the table to the right, type in the path to the file server.

      For the H drive, replace uniqname with your U-M uniqname.

    3. Regarding the Reconnect at login box:

      • If the machine is always on the UMHS network, place a check in the Reconnect at login box. This option will remember the drive mapping each time you log in to the computer.

      • If the machine is not always on the UMHS network, or you are unsure, do not place a check in the box.

    4. Click the Finish button.

    Drive Letter





    your Home Directory



    Shared file space 1



    Shared file space 2

  2. If prompted for a user name and password, use the following settings:

    • User Name: UMHS\uniqname (substituting your actual uniqname for the word "uniqname")

    • Password: your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Password

      For security purposes, do NOT check the Remember my credentials box

  3. Click the OK button.

Non-CoreImage Machines - Mapping a Drive to the File Server: Windows and Macintosh


Same as manual instructions for CoreImage machines.

Macintosh (CoreMac or Non-imaged Macs)
  1. In the Finder, click on the Go menu and select Connect to Server...

  2. Under Server Address: type in the following server name to establish a cifs connection to the appropriate file space:




    your Home Directory


    Shared file space 1


    Shared file space 2

    For the H drive, replace uniqname with your U-M uniqname.

  3. Click the Connect button.

  4. When prompted, supply the following information:

  5. Click the Connect button. The folder will map as a drive on the Mac.

Remote Access to UMHS NAS Servers

Access to any UMMS server from home requires a university VPN client and profile to be installed on the machine. Once the VPN client is installed, the remote user must launch the VPN client and authenticate with an appropriate password to establish a VPN connection. When the VPN connection is successful, the UMMS server can be accessed in the normal manner.

Currently, only the Cisco AnyConnect client is approved and supported by MCIT for accessing UMHS internal resources, including UMMS file servers.