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MiShare is a secure collaborative file exchange system provided by MCIT. The MiShare infrastructure provides a method approved by the UMHS Compliance Office for UMHS personnel and non-UMHS business partners to securely exchange files, including files that contain electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) or other sensitive information.

To access the system, launch a web browser and go to the following link:

The browser will be redirected to a secure http (https:) site. From that page, anyone with a Michigan Medicine (Level-2) account and password can authenticate to send files, in the form of packages, to other UMHS personnel or someone at another institution. Non-UMHS individuals can send packages to a UMHS person by clicking the Send files to UMHS personnel link.


With MiShare, packages are not transferred from UMHS systems to external systems. Rather, packages must be retrieved from UMHS systems by the business partner using a provided link. The MiShare system can only be accessed using a web browser; it is not possible to mount a MiShare volume to a desktop. As files are uploaded and bundled in packages, they are also encrypted to allow secure transfer. Packages will currently only be available for four days; packages older than 4 days are automatically deleted.

MiShare Notes

Some things to note about using the MiShare secure file transfer service:

  • The system is intended to be used to transfer files and is not intended for file storage. Files are automatically deleted after 5 days, even if they haven't been retrieved by the recipient, and cannot be recovered.
  • Large files can be transferred using this system. If you have regular needs to transfer very large files, please contact the HITS Service Desk and have them put in a ticket so that we are aware of your needs and can make sure that the system works for you.
  • All files, and particularly large files, should be sent with the Upload/Download wizard. This wizard provides for error checking, for sending large files, and allows you to drag-and-drop files and folders to be sent. All HITS managed CoreImage devices will already have the wizard installed. Non CoreImage devices may be prompted to install the Wizard.
  • If you have a need to securely transfer files between hosts within the Michigan Medicine environment or to outside business partners or entities, please contact the HITS Service desk and have them put in a request for us to work with you. Please follow the SOP link below for instructions.
  • When transferring files to outside parties, it is the responsibility of all Michigan Medicine personnel to be sure that Michigan Medicine policies are followed, that sensitive or regulated files are sent to the proper people, and that proper Business Associate (BA) agreements are signed where appropriate.

How to Request a Scheduled File Transfer

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