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Accessing the network through a wireless connection at UMHS can be a confusing process, sometimes requiring switching between wireless networks (SSIDs) since not every SSID is available at every location. On October 1, in an effort to simplify establishing and maintaining a wireless connection, a new service, MWireless-UMHS, became available as a replacement for many of the SSIDs that use Level-1 (UMICH) passwords for authentication, including UMHS-Open and UMHS-Level1. SSIDs that do not use Level-1, such as UMHS-8021X and MGuest-UMHS, were unaffected and continue to be available.

If you are having difficulty accessing MWireless-UMHS with your Level-1, we recommend changing your Level-1 password. Some changes were made to the network within the last several months, so if you have a Level-1 password older than 12 months, it will need to be changed to sync with the MWireless network.

MWireless-UMHS uses Active Directory (UMROOT) passwords for authentication. Active Directory passwords will usually be the same as Level-1 UMICH Password passwords, though they may be different on occasion. If you don't know your Active Directory password, you should change your Level-1 password so it can be synchronized to Active Directory; instructions for setting a password are available on the Active Directory page.

MWireless-UMHS is visible in all Michigan Medicine buildings, including the Taubman Health Sciences Library and North Campus Research Complex (NCRC). After selecting MWireless-UMHS for the wireless network, it is not necessary to re-authenticate when moving between Michigan Medicine buildings, including the NCRC.

Versions of the MWireless network are available throughout the greater university campus. In order to make the network manageable, the MWireless network is subdivided by location; each SSID is named "MWireless" followed by a campus location. While each location-specific SSID is part of the larger MWireless network, it will be necessary to re-authenticate when moving between these locations since the name of the SSID will change.

Instructions for connecting to MWireless networks can be viewed at the following link; individuals at Michigan Medicine locations should specifically look for the MWireless-UMHS network:

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