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The MGuest-UMHS wireless network is a free wireless Internet service providing internet access to UMHS patients and families as well as other non-UM visitors. The network allows individuals to access the internet and publicly available UMHS resources from a computer or other device with a wireless Ethernet card. MGuest-UMHS is set up with a filter which blocks internet content deemed "inappropriate".

The MCIT info page describing the original guest wireless network, which was similarly configured and still have applicable information, can be found at the following link:

The PDF version of the brochure explaining the original guest network can be downloaded using the following link:

The brochure refers to the wireless network as "guest" rather than "MGuest-UMHS", but the information is applicable to the MGuest-UMHS network.


Connecting to MGuest-UMHS
  1. Right-click the network connection icon in the notification area, and then click View Available Wireless Networks.
  2. In the Connect to Wireless Network window, under Available Networks, select the entry for the MGuest-UMHS wireless network.
  3. In the lower right corner of the window, click the Connect button.

Click on the AirPort icon in the toolbar and select MGuest-UMHS.

After selecting the MGuest-UMHS wireless network...

  1. Open a web browser and try to go to any page. The browser will be redirected to the Wireless Access Agreement page.
    If the browser warns of a problem with the security certificate, as pictured to the right, simply click the Continue to this website (not recommended) link; the certificate is safe.

    If the browser warns that the network is unsecured, as pictured in the following images, click the Connect Anyway, Add Exception, or Confirm Security Exception, as appropriate.

  2. After reading the agreement, show acceptance by providing your last name and email address on the page. Click the Accept button.
  3. A valid IP address will be assigned to the machine, which will now have internet access.

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