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Medical School Information Services Solutions Center

The MSIS Service Desk is available from 7am-7pm Monday through Friday and MSIS operational support teams are available from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Phone: 734-763-7770
Web: Submit a support ticket

Level-2 Password

Level-2 passwords, also known as Novell (UMMED) or UMHS Exchange passwords, are used to access hospital resources, such as the UMHS Exchange email system and MCIT Core servers. There are currently two different interfaces for resetting a Level-2 password depending on which password (Level-1 (Kerberos) or Level-2) is currently known.

Mobile Device Users!
Before changing your Level-2 password, confirm your mobile device is not using any following services that use Level-2 authentication:
  • UMHS-8021X wireless network - Before changing the password, either set the device to airplane mode or instead use the MWireless-UMHS wireless network.
  • AirWatch to access UMHS email from mobile devices.
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Level-2 Account Requests

Level-2 requests can be submitted to MCIT by MSIS, but the requester must provide the following information in an email to based on the current MCIT policy:

  • Type of Position (Temp, Contractor, Full Time, Post Doc, Medical Student (year) M1,M2…)
  • Full Name
  • U-M uniqname
  • UMID number
  • Date of Birth (including the year)
  • Current phone number
  • Create UMHS Outlook Account Y/N?
  • Signed code of conduct
    • Click the following link to download: ConductStatement.pdf
    • The Conduct Statement must be printed out, signed in pen, scanned, and included with the request.
      Electronic signatures cannot be accepted.
  • Manager or PI to provide sponsorship
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