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UM-CareLink is a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system allowing clinicians to place patient care orders online. UM-CareLink addresses medication errors, the largest patient safety concern in hospitals nationwide. Electronic ordering and filling of prescriptions eliminates the risks associated with written orders and multiple "hand offs" of information from one provider to the next. Electronic ordering also reduces the time it takes to get medication from the hospital pharmacy to the patient's bedside.

Macintosh Compatibility

CareLink currently does not support Macs or really any browser other than Internet Explorer (IE). The current solution, available only for Intel-based Mac computers, is to use a virtual machine product like VMWare or Parallels to run Windows locally. Internet Explorer can then be launched on the virtual machine to access CareLink under Windows.

Windows could also be installed locally using Boot Camp, but this option may not give the user the flexibility needed since Windows and the Mac operating systems are not running simultaneously. Most of the Macs in the Medical School Administration environment are Intel-based and use this solution to access hospital resources that are only IE-supported.

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