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Audio Conferencing is typically a telephone conference that involves three or more connected parties on a single call. The University of Michigan Medical School offers a Blue Jeans collaboration suite (which includes an audio conferencing (bridging) service) and access to the Premiere Global audio conferencing service.

Audio Conferencing Services

Blue Jeans Collaboration Platform

Blue Jeans Network (BJN) provides a cloud-based audio/video/content sharing conferencing service.

  • The service is vendor-agnostic and allows up to 100 endpoints to connect for a meeting.
  • The Bluejeans service is hosted by ITS and there is no charge to any UofM Staff and Faculty with active Level-1 (UMICH/Kerberos) credentials.

    The Blue Jeans service is not permitted for Protected Health Information (PHI).

  • Blue Jeans can be accessed using a web browser by navigating to the following link:
  • Login using a U-M uniqname and Level-1 (UMICH/Kerberos) credentials.
  • Scheduling a Bluejeans conference through the Bluejeans interface will add the scheduled appointment to an Outlook calendar.
  • Invitations can be sent from the scheduling tool by adding full email addresses separated by commas.
  • The Bluejeans service has several options for dialing into conferences, including on campus 5 digit dialing (31841), toll free (1 888 240 2560) as well as a host of international numbers (
  • Recording of conferences can be executed through the Bluejeans service.
  • Recording of conferences are automatically emailed to the conference owner at the completion of the meeting.
  • Recordings are available to download for 30 days after the meeting.

For more information on Bluejeans or for user training, visit the Blue Jeans Collaboration Platform page or request help from the MSIS Service Desk at

Premiere Global Audio Conference

Premiere Global provides audio conference solutions to allow users to conduct meetings over a phone line.

  • Premiere Global is only available for phones or devices/applications that can dial phone numbers.
  • A PGi account is often used with an Adobe Connect virtual meeting to provide a third-party audio solution.
  • Premiere Global (PGi) accounts allow for up to 300 participants per call.
  • Premiere Global is not a free service. An account must be set up through MSIS and requires a shortcode, which will be recharged monthly based on usage of the conference line.
  • As with Blue Jeans, the Premiere Global service allows a session to be recorded. A link to the recording is emailed to the account moderator and the recording remains available for download for about 30 days.

For more information on Premiere Global, visit the Premiere Global Audio Conference page or request help from the MSIS Service Desk at

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