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  • ARS - Audience Response System
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Health Information Technology and Services (HITS) provides an Audience Response System (ARS) from Turning Technologies. The ARS is user-friendly and includes the following features:

  • You can set up a poll to use throughout your lecture, integrated with your presentation, so your audience stays engaged in your talk. The clickers even allow free text and numeric responses.
  • Any document that you can display on your screen may be used for polling and the software integrates with PowerPoint for additional features. The polling information along with a snapshot of your polling document is saved in a file for use after your lecture.
  • TurningPoint 5 software is easy to use and displays polling information both graphically and in tables. Your results may even be shown by audience demographics.

Clickers and Storage Receivers
The ResponseWare NXT accepts input from the traditional multiple-choice question polling and also accepts numeric and text responses. The storage receivers have the TurningPoint 5 software loaded. HITS has 200 clickers and 5 storage receivers available to checkout.


Requesting ARS

The audience response system is available to UMHS faculty and staff. To request the use of the ARS:

  • For M1/M2 course – email to make arrangements.
  • For all others, choose one of the following options:
    • Enter a Schedulon request:

    • Call the HITS Service Desk at 734-936-8000

To complete the request, supply the following information:

  • Number of Clickers
  • Date and Time
  • Location of Use
  • Class Number or Lecture Type
  • Pickup or Delivery
  • Shortcode - this is used if clickers are damaged or lost

How to Get Help

For assistance, contact the HITS Service Desk at 734-936-8000 or via the ServiceNow Portal

TurningPoint 5 Software

The TurningPoint 5 software provides a dashboard with tabs for the following areas:

  • Polling - you can choose from the following polling options:
    • PowerPoint Polling - provides a wizard to create polls and integrates polling questions with results.
    • Anywhere Polling - quick and easy polling with any document.
    • Self-Pace Polling - use for quizzes and exams.
  • Content - create and store questions lists
  • Manage - import participant lists and view polling results.

Polling Results

Polling sessions are captured and stored in files with the extension tpzx. Polling results are shown in graphical and table form. Here are the results from a multiple-choice question:


Turning Technologies provides on-line tutorial for all aspects of audience response system (ARS) at the following link:

Quick Polling - Anywhere

For a quick poll, the easiest option is to use Anywhere Polling in the TurningPoint software. For Anywhere Polling, only the clickers and the thumb drive are required. Since the TurningPoint software is stored on storage receiver unit, no software need be downloaded software to a local machine. Anywhere Polling allows for polling by asking verbal questions.

In addition, polling can occur on top of an application, such as a PDF file, Word document, or web page. There are no restrictions in terms of the type of application that can be used. When displaying a page on the laptop while doing Anywhere Polling, the polling results and a snapshot of whatever is displayed on the screen is captured in the results file.

To learn about the process of Anywhere Polling, view the following short presentations at the following external links:

A nine page summary of information is available at the following link:

Enhanced Polling - Powerpoint

To create polling questions in PowerPoint, TurningPoint provides a Wizard to format the polling questions using PowerPoint Polling. This option provides additional features such as displaying the correct answer when the poll closes and providing options to score questions.

To learn about the process of Enhanced Polling, view the following short presentations at the following external links:

An eleven page summary of information is available at the following link:

Creating a Question List

Question lists can be used with both Anywhere Polling and Self-paced polling. Question lists are created using a Wizard that guides through the process of each type of questions. To learn about creating and using a question list, view the following short presentations at the following external links:

An eleven page summary of information is available at the following link:

Downloading TurningPoint 5 Software

The software may be downloaded from this folder on MBox -

  1. Using a web browser, go to the following link:

  2. Three options are available: Mac, PC - Install Version, PC - No Install Version. The PC options are specific to the Windows platform. You may right-click on the desired option and select Download.
  3. You may also download the Powerpoint Polling and Anywhere Polling instructions (Word documents). These will give you relatively succinct guides to using either mode.

While the PC - Install Version is preferred, installing the software on Windows requires administrative rights on the machine. If you do not have administrative rights, such as with a CoreImage machine, select the PC - No Install option.