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Hiring Best Practices (Staff)

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To promote hiring best practices within the organization. Use a wiki method to document organizational best practices. Engage the hiring community to share and contribute best practices to further enhance the organizational knowledge. 

How to Use:

In this space, you'll find a set of steps for the hiring of staff. These steps represent the general process for hiring new staff. You may use it to help guide you with your own process. If you have a question or have something to share, feel free to make a comment. Over time, we want the content on this space to adapt and improve based on the community's input. 

  • This site is not meant to be the authority of hiring staff at UMHS. This content represents community practice sharing only.
  • For policy and departmental guidelines, you must still consult and comply with appropriate sources.
  • Not all cases of staff hiring will conform these steps. It is up to the user to understand how these general practices apply to one's own specific case.


  Step 1. Posting a Job
Getting approval to post, developing a job description, creating a job opening in eRecruit, placing an ad

  Step 2. Selecting Applicants to Interview
Understanding affirmative action goals, check for activity in eRecruit, changing applicants' status, determining top applicants

  Step 3. Phone Screen and Interview Scheduling
Setting up a phone screen, conducting a phone screen, selecting applicants to interview, scheduling the interview

  Step 4. Interviewing Applicants
Selecting a interview format, selecting interview questions, conducting the interview, documenting the interview

  Step 5. Decision and Notification
Determining the top applicant, extending the contingent offer, checking references, preparing the job offer in eRecruit

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