Foundations for Successful Leadership

                                                       Become the Leader You Are Meant to Be!

Future Participants


Any current UMHS supervisor with three or more direct reports is welcome to register for this program. In our efforts to provide continuing professional development opportunities to all staff, this program is designed for any level of supervisory experience. However, we have specifically focused on those supervisors with less than three years of experience. PLEASE NOTE: There is no fee for this course.

Program Dates

Click here to view the 8-week session dates currently being offered. PLEASE NOTE: The 2014 Fall session is now full, including the waitlist. We are not taking any more names at this time.  The 2015 dates should be posted in MLearning by October 1st.

Overview of Course (and Registration Link)!

Foundations for Successful Leadership Program offers a comprehensive introduction to the essential leadership and management competencies that help UM Health System supervisors , managers and team-leads excel. The program offers the foremost in leadership thinking, management skills training, administrative methods and best practices. It is designed for individuals who are relatively new to the role of supervisor/manager or new to these roles within the Health System. It is an eight-week program. The first four weeks pertain to Leadership and the second four weeks pertain to Management.  Select one of the four eight-week programs offered annually through MLearning. Register here for course HUMA-10001.

Breakdown of FSL Modules

Click on the FSL Modules  link for more information about each module and required prework.
Foundations of Leadership

Becoming a Successful Leader

Lean Leadership

Creating the Ideal Experience (Service Excellence)

Leading in a Diverse Organization

Leading Your Team

Respectful Communication

Negotiating our Relationships

Leading Your Team

Finding a Mentor

Foundations of Management 


Stress and Mental Health


HR Laws

Hiring the Best

Performance Management

Addressing Performance Problems

Finance and Compensation



Sustaining Leadership Development

Current Participants

You must register for this course in MLearning before completing the prework.  Select course # HUMA-10001. Click here to register for the next class.

Course Prework!

Congratulations on your first step on your UMHS leadership journey.  In order to maximize the opportunity in class to interact with your facilitators and cohorts, we have placed some course work online. Click here  to complete your prework. See you in class!

Makeup Dates!

Click here  to access future make-up dates for FSL classes.

Quick Reference Links!

Click to access  a leadership book list
Click to find valuable UMHS websites.

Foundations Manual

Cancellation Policy!

If you cannot attend the program after enrolling in the course, PLEASE RETURN TO MLEARNING AND UNENROLL FROM THE SESSION; then please notify us by emailing Teresa Gasiciel or calling 734-936-9416. If we do not receive notice of cancellation two full weeks prior to the course date, a $30 administrative fee will be charged to your department Shortcode. In the event that UMHSHR cancels a program, there will be no charge.

Parking and Map!

The NCAC vehicle parking lot is designated as a yellow lot. Any yellow, blue, gold or business vehicle parking permit is allowed. There is an orange lot located close by. If you do not own a UM parking permit, please obtain one of your departmental business vehicle passes. UMHSHR does not provide free parking or parking vouchers.
To view a map of the area and directions, click here. For more information on Parking and Transportation Services, click here. 

Program Environment!

All program sessions will be held at NCAC in training room A/B. Lunch will be provided for you on all session days. Persons with disabilities who need special accommodations to attend a program should call Teresa Gasiciel at 734-936-9416.

2014 Best Practices!

Best Practice Videos

These videos  were produced by the Voices of Staff Leadership Development Team. They include interviews with leaders who have received high Employee Engagement scores on the Health System survey and/or have received recognition as an exemplar leader. These videos can provide practical ideas for new leaders or start a conversation with your staff and/or leader. Currently there is one video on "Building Trust" and one video on "The Open Door Policy." In addition, you will find a Video Facilitation Discussion Guide.

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