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Anesthesia, Analgesia and Surgery
Animal Care Identification and Communication Procedures
Animal Enrichment Database
Animal Fasting Communication
Animals Administered a Hazardous Substance Requiring Containment
End-Stage Illness Scoring System
Entry and Exiting Animal Housing Areas
Environmental Enrichment for Animals SOP
Environmental Enrichment For Nonhuman Primates
Evaluation of Alopecia in Nonhuman Primates
Guidelines and SOP on Tumor Monitoring
Guidelines for Acceptable Methods of Identification and Genotyping of Rodents
Guidelines for Documenting Scientific Justification for Exceeding Cage Densities
Guidelines on Adjuvant Use in Rabbits Rats and Mice
Guidelines on Administration of Substances to Laboratory Animals
Guidelines on Blood Collection
Guidelines on Diluting, Mixing and Compounding Sterile Pharmaceuticals
Guidelines on Experimental Food or Water Restriction or Manipulation in Laboratory Animals
Guidelines on Fire Prevention
Guidelines on Medical Records for Investigative Personnel
Guidelines on Monitoring Aging Rats
Guidelines on Treatment of Ulcerative Dermatitis
Guidelines on Use of Streptozotocin in Rodents
Identifying Single Housed Animals SOP
Laboratory Assume the Feeding and, or Watering of Rodents
Macaque Monkey Bite, Scratch, Exposure Standard Operating Procedures
Obtaining Veterinary Care
Physical Exams for Long Term Rabbits
Procedures for Animal Transportation
Procedures for Campus-Wide Fur Mite Treatment
Procedures for Completion of Veterinary Recommendations
Procedures for Dog, Cat or Ferret Bites or Scratches
Procedures for Nonhuman Primate Socialization
Procedures for Veterinary Medical Records
Quarantine and Conditioning
Rodent Euthanasia Procedures for Investigative Personnel
Rodent Husbandry SOP
Standard Charging Procedures for Veterinary Services
Table of Contents
ULAM Policy for Approved Vendors for Rodents and Rabbits
UM Policy on Mouse and Rat Breeding and Cage Densities