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RITE 2016-2017 Review: 
Date Presenter and Topic PPT MP3 Recording
11/29 The Bens - Introduction to RITE    
12/01 Melissa McDonald - Toxicology Toxic and Metabolic 2016-2017.pptx  
12/05 Danielle Nolan - Pathology RITE 2017 Pathology lecture.pptx  
12/06 Rick Scheer  -Vascular anatomy of brain and spinal cord Cerebrovascular Anatomy 2016.pptx   
12/08 Nick Beimer - EEG Intro to EEG.pptx  
12/15 Nate Mohney - Neuroinfectious Disease 2017 Infectious Diseases.pptx  
12/19 Andy Ridder - Dementia/Neurodegenerative 2017 Movement.pptx  
12/20 Rick Scheer - Stroke/Critical Care (focus on pathology)    
12/22 Andrew Stein - Psych 2017 Behavioral Psychiatry Rite Review.pptx  
12/26 Matt Ebright - Neuroimaging 1 RITE Neuroimaging.pptx  
12/29 Matt Ebright - Neuroimaging 2 RITE neuroimaging outline.doc  
01/02 Ben Claytor - Hypothalmus/Pituitary/Neuroendocrine hypothal pit autonomics RITE.pptx  
01/03 Dr. Levine - Complications of stroke    
01/05 Mike Popovich - Vascular/Inflammatory disorders    
01/09 Jeanie Cote - Demyelinating disease for the RITE RITE demyelination 2017.pptx  
01/12 Steve Leber - Grey Matter Disease Gray matter 2017.pptx  
01/16 Robert Kobelja - Neuropharmacology    
01/17 Rick Scheer - Aphasia    
01/19 Kurt Sieloff - Aphasia    
01/23 Lisa Matlen - Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy RITE review.pptx  
01/26 Ben Stewart - Headache headaches.pptx  
01/30 Sam Terman - Thalamus thalamus lecture
02/02 Anna Shah - Cortex and Connections cortex  
02/06 Giulia Benedetti - Driving/Ethics RITE Contemporary Issues.pptx  
02/09 Zach London - Neuromuscular 1 2017 Neuromuscular Review.ppt  
02/10 Zach London - Neuromuscular 2 2017 Neuromuscular Pimp Sheet.doc  
02/13 Payal Kenia - Pediatric Developmental Disorders development.pptx  
02/16 Colin Lyness - Brain Tumors    

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: RITE 2016 images with questions and answers

¿RITE 2015 images and answers

Practice Questions:

RITE Practice Question bank 1.pptx

Buddhism and the Rite.pptx  (this is question bank 2)

RITE practice question bank 3_1.pptx

RITE Question Bank 4.pptx

RITE 2015-2016 Review:
Presenter and Topic: Powerpoint: MP3 Recording:
Matt Ebright - Introduction Introduction to the RITE 2015-2016.pptx  
Ryan Jacobson - Headaches Headaches on the RITE.pptx Headaches
Emily Nurre - Neurocutaneous Neurocutaneous.pptx  Neurocutaneous.mp3
Erik Beltran - Spinal Cord Spinal Cord.pptx Spinal Cord.mp3
Andrew Mundwiler - EMG None, it was a chalk talk EMG.mp3
Matt Ebright - Neuroradiology RITE Neuroimaging.pptx (brain and spine complete edition, self-learning ability!)
RITE neuroimaging outline.doc (use with the powerpoint to study)
Not recorded, but all slides have notes with them.
Andrew Sas - Mitochondrial Disorders Mitochondrial Disease.pptx Mitochondrial.MP3
Nancy McNamara - Epilepsy RiteReviewEEGepilepsy.pptx  Epilepsy.mp3
Andrew Ridder - Movement Disorders Movement.pptx Movement.MP3 (second half only)
Steve Leber - Gray Matter Diseases graymatter.pptx not recorded
Nate Mohney - Neuro ID NeuroID.pptx not recorded
Kurt Sieloff - Aphasia Aphasia.pptx aphasia.MP3
Eunice Abrams - BG and Thalamus thalamus.pptx not recorded
Mollie McDermott - Stroke PassageofRITE.pptx Stroke.MP3
Robert Kobelja - Pharmacology Neuropharmacology.pptx  pharmacology.MP3
Nick Beimer - EEG/Epilepsy Intro to EEG.pptx
Intro to Epilepsy.pptx
not recorded
Danielle Nolan - Pathology RITE 2016 Pathology lecture.pptx Pathology.MP3 
Jeanie Cote - Demyelinating Disease   MS.MP3
Melissa McDonald - Toxic/nutrition Toxins.ppt toxins.MP3
Cindy Wang - Developmental Disorders Development.pptx Developmental.MP3 (partial recording)
Ryan Jacobson - Brain tumors BrainTumors.pptx Brain tumors.MP3 (partial)
Zach London - Neuromuscular 2016 Neuromuscular Pimp Sheet.doc 
2016 Neuromuscular Review.ppt
NM part 1.MP3
NM part 2.MP3
Abbey Dunn - Cranial Nerves and Brainstem Cranial nerves.pptx Not recorded
Andrew Stein - Psych Behavioral Psychiatry Rite Review.pptx  Not recorded
Brandon Moss - Pediatric Epilepsy Pediatric Epilepsy.pptx  Not recorded
Past RITE Schedules:
Powerpoints of topics not covered 2015-2016:


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