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Page: 2011-2012 Parking Schedule
Department Name: Neurology Number of Spaces: 12 Contact: Shiao-Pei Weathers Phone: 936-9010 Monthly Access UMID # Last Name First Name Annual July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June 1 35


Page: Accessing archived studies
To find previous studies on a patient, choose the correct database, and then right-click on the patient's name and select "Show All Studies for Selected Patient" showallstudies.jpg You will see a CD symbol in front of an archived EEG/LTM/STM. archived.JP
Page: Acetazolamide
Comment The usefulness of acetazolamide (Diamox) for epilepsy was reported mainly in the 1950s and only occasional studies subsequently. No recent RCT data. May be useful as add-on therapy for focal or generalized seizures (including absence), myoclon
Page: ACTH and Corticosteroids
Comment First line treatment for infantile spasms (IS) and suppressing hypsarrhythmia. ACTH is considered by many epileptologists to be preferred in IS, except in tuberous sclerosis (see vigabatrin), and good results are seen within 2 weeks. Corticostero
Page: Acute Stroke
Acute Stroke Call Response / Responding to a Stroke Team call When the Stroke Team pager goes off -- If it is an outside hospital, let the stroke attending/fellow answer. --If it is a pre-hospital activation, send an acknowledgement page back to the pager
Page: Adult Epi Service
Responsibilities Read and write notes for all adult LTM and ACR studies See the scheduled epilepsy LTM admits (Brief history, medication history, and a brief exam) Epilepsy consults Daily routine Arrive to Adult LTM EEG fellows reading room around 8 am ht
Page: Adult Epilepsy Continuity Clinic
Schedule You will have continuity clinic one half-day per week, typically on Mondays or Fridays. Check your schedule on MiChart a month ahead of time, so there are no surprises. If you are on LTM service, you will have to read the LTMs before heading t
Page: Adult Epilepsy rotation guide
Procedures Guide A Practical Guide: Responsibilities on the CNL Rotations Epilepsy Lab Work Schedule Logistics Tapering AEDs Prior to LTM Outpatient Admissions Tapering AEDs at LTM Inpatient Admissions Suggested Admission Guidelines LTM Admissions Creatin
Page: Advanced Powerpoint Tips
ADVANCED POWERPOINT TIPS originally by Zach London Backgrounds Selecting a Design Template Download Free Design Templates Customizing Templates Background Colors and Patterns Color Schemes Graphics Working with imported pictures Compressing Pictures Trimm
Page: AED abstracts
Read this first These AED abstracts are intended to help you. They reflect my biases, and I am frequently reminded that I am incorrect - please review w/ others, if important clinical decisions. Data for individual AEDs is abstracted from 1. The Treatme
Page: AIDP
Practical Matters ICU vs. Floor. Respiratory compromise can occur quickly. Close monitoring needed Telemetry (autonomic dysfunction; blood pressure and heart rate instability) Respiratory parameters FVC NIF I/Os Neuro checks regularly Aspiration precautio
Page: Annual Society Meetings
ANNUAL SOCIETY MEETINGS Revised: 03/16/2009 {table-plus} || Society || 2009 || 2010 || 2011 || 2012 || 2013 || | AMERICAN ACADEMY OF NEUROLOGY \\ (AAN) \\ http://www.aan/go/am | April 25 - May 2 \\ Seattle, WA | April 10-17 \\ Toronto | Hawaii | Oct 26-28
Page: Antiepileptic Medication Names, Forms, and Dosages
{table-plus} || Generic Name || Brand Name || Form || Available Strengths || Starting Dose || Dose escalation || Starting dose (mg/kd/day) || Doses per day || Dose escalation rate (daily dose / time) || Maintenance dose (mg/kg/day) || Length of time to ma
Page: Articles to Read
This unmoderated website is NOT a reliable source of medical information. No patient information should be placed here. Classification of Seizures & Epilepsies Instruction manual for the ILAE 2017 operational classification of seizure types (Fisher et al.
Page: Autopsies
We sometimes act as though advances in pre-mortem diagnostics have reduced the need for autopsy. But clinical autopsies not only help to establish the true cause of death, aid research, and contribute to medical education; autopsies may also provide insi


Page: Bacterial Meningitis
Consider bacterial meningitis in any patient with fever, mental status changes, nuchal rigidity, seizures, and/or focal symptoms. Urgent workup If concerned, start antibiotics immediately. Do not wait for CT or LP. Survival and prevention of neurological
Page: Basic Neuroscience Conference 2010 - 2011
Date Speaker Topic 6-Sep LABOR DAY - No Conference 13-Sep Kelli Sullivan Embryology 20-Sep Kelli Sullivan Anatomy - PNS/Spinal Cord 27-Sep Kelli Sullivan Anatomy - Forebrain 4-Oct Kevin Kerber Anatomy/Physiology of Eye Movements 11-Oct Graham Atki
Page: Basic Neuroscience Conference 2012 - 2013
Basic Neuroscience Conference 2012 - 2013 10-Sep Kelli Sullivan Neural development/embryology 17-Sep Special Conference - Rocio Lopez-Diego, MD PhD "Mind the Mind: The Neuropsychoimmunology of CNS Inflammation. Integrative Brain Care and Complement
Page: Benzodiazepine use in LTM
What is the best first line therapy for acute seizure management? *Benzodiazepines are the preferred first AED in managing status epilepticus. See *Treiman D, Meyers P, Walton N, et al. A comparison of four treatments for generalized convulsive status ep
Page: Benzodiazepines used for scheduled use (Clobazam, Clonazepam)
Comment Clobazam is the most useful BDZ for scheduled use due to broad- spectrum activity, high response rates in refractory epilepsy, and relatively less sedation than other BDZ. Reasonable even for first AED, perhaps with the exception of IGE (VPA is pr
Page: BIG evaluation complete
After you determine that the patient is not a candidate for IV tPA, an IA intervention, or an acute research project, we would like you to click a button in Centricity indicating that the BIG evaluation is complete. When BIG has been notified, you will
Page: blank
Page: Brain MRI
T1 Bright: Fat, gadolinium, subacute blood (metHb), hypoxia melanoma, hepatic failure Dark: CSF, acute blood (deoxyHb), Ca, air, water (edema), most tumors T2 Bright: CSF, water (edema), most tumors Dark: bone, Ca, gadolinium, fat, air, old blood (hemosid
Page: Bromides


Page: Can AEDs worsen epilepsy?
Yes. See, for example, Perucca E, "Antiepileptic drugs as a cause of worsening seizures", Epilepsia 1998 Jan;39(1):5-17 Gayatri NA, "Aggravation of epilepsy by anti-epileptic drugs", Dev Med Child Neurol. 2006 May;48(5):394-8. Chaves J, "Seizure aggravat
Page: Carbamazepine
Comment See FDA Black Box Warning First-line or adjunctive therapy of focal seizures. Improves GTCS in IGE, but usually not used due to concern that CBZ may worsen absence and myoclonic seizures, and may precipitate NCSE in these patients. Newer anti ep
Page: CareLink
Making Neurology Specific Patient Lists Go to "File". Select "Maintain List". Select "New". The "Client Selection Criteria" window will open. Click the "Location" tab. Select the third option "Include patients at selected locations only". Click the "+" ne
Page: CareWeb
Customizing CareWeb "MyCareWeb" One of the red buttons in the upper left hand corner of Careweb. Allows you to personalize Careweb to some extent. Where to find things PSL / SocHx / FamHx Problem Summary List. Diagnoses. Procedures. Medications. Non-Medic
Page: Carotid and Vertebral Artery Dissection
Clinical Most commonly in the extracranial portion of the carotid artery or extracranial vertebral artery. May follow trauma (can be very minor, such as chiropractor, turning head quickly.) Presents most commonly with symptoms of cerebral ischemia, either
Page: Chronic Headache Strategies
Headache diary with activities, meds, inciting factors Address psychosocial issues Slowly taper OTCs and narcs – these can worsen rebound headaches and you will get nowhere Inform patient that headache may initially worsen! Consider starting a prophylacti
Page: Classic Journal Club Articles
Classic Neurology Articles: Gelb DJ, Oliver E, Gilman S: Diagnostic criteria for Parkinson's disease. Arch Neurol 1999;56:33-39. (from Dr. Gilman) The original randomized control trial showing the beneficial effect of prednisone for DMD N Engl J Med. 1989
Page: Clinical Neurology Conference 2010 - 2011
Date Presenter Topic 2-Sep Leventhal Tics & Myoclonus 9-Sep Chou PD Diagnosis 16-Sep Cooper Headache 1 23-Sep Hulsing EEG 30-Sep Fletcher Cerebral vasospasm 7-Oct Cooper Headache 2 14-Oct Bohnen Neuropsychiatric Testing 21-Oct London Myopathy 28-Oct Brale
Page: Clinical Neurology Conference 2011 - 2012
Clinical Neurology Conference 2011 - 2012 Date Presenter Topic 1-Sep Zahuranec Reading Medical Lit: How to Eval Observational Studies 8-Sep Burke Statistics 15-Sep Cooper Headache 1 22-Sep Braley MS Diagnosis 29-Sep Hulsing EEG 6-Oct Jibson Clincal Psych/
Page: Clinical Neurology Conference 2012 - 2013
Clinical Neurology Conference 2012 -02013 Day Date Presenter Topic THU 6-Sep Cooper Headache Neurology - The Basics THU 13-Sep Cooper Headache Neurology - Treatment Toolbox THU 20-Sep Ramchandren Outcome Measures in Neuropathy Trials THU 27-Sep Ke
Page: Clinical Neurophysiology Journal Club
Monthly Articles A systematic approach to reviewing the medical literature Abstract What question are they trying to answer? What kind of study is this? Is this a good type of study to answer this question? (ie to answer epidemiological questions, use of
Page: Clinics
The clinic rotation consists of outpatient subspecialty clinics. 9 half day clinics per week with Wednesday morning protected for conferences. Basically, an 8-5 job, although its not uncommon to run a bit late in the evening. Weekends are off and all call
Page: Clobazam
There have been reports of abuse, misuse, and overdose with this medication. There is also a risk of physical dependence, requiring caution.
Page: Cognitive Disorders
Tools Department of Neurology Cognitive Disorders Program A UMHS Internal page Has useful tools including HO Orientation: U of M Cognitive Disorders Clinic Flowchart: Early Identification of Alzheimer's Diseas
Page: Coma Prognosis
AAN Brief Outline of Post-arrest Prognosis Detailed AAN Guideline on Post-arrest Prognosis The Levy Paper Prognosis after hypothermia
Page: Concur profile set up
Go to Wolverine Access Faculty & Staff Tab Click Travel & Expense (Concur) (in University Business section) Profile E-Receipt Activation Click, "I Accept" Personal Information Enter... Work Address 1500 E. Medical Center
Page: Conferences
Residents are expected to attend >70% of the required conferences listed below, except when on night float or vacation.. Weekly Core Required Lectures (attendance is required) Day Time Lecture Monday noon Basic Neuroscience Conference Tuesday (4th of mont
Page: Connecting to MiChart and Natus from home
First time connection: Setting up VPN To read EEG from home, you must have a high speed network. STEP 1 VPN CONNECTION: Install VPN software on your home PC (Windows or MAC) using the following website. For downloading VPN software (CiSCO's ANYCONNECT) an
Page: Consults
Page: Consults Page
Team C: Attending Consult Senior 1 (CS1) Consult Senior 2 (CS2) Off-service Rotators (IM, NS) Medical Students (sometimes an M4) Dayfloat (2nd priority) Summar
Page: Continuum Articles
Antiepileptic Drug Treatment: New Drugs and New Strategies Diagnostic Coding for Epilepsy Dietary Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy EEG and Epilepsy Monitoring Epilepsy and Neuropsychological Comorbidities Genetic Testing in Children With Epilepsy Key Poi
Page: Copy of Muscle and Nerve Cheat Sheet
Upper Extremities {table-plus} || MUSCLE || Abbreviation || Innervation || Roots || Trunk || Cord || | Trapezius | TRAP | Spinal | Accessory | C3-C4 | | | Rhomboids | R | Dorsal Scapular | C4-C5 | Pre-trunk | | | Supraspinatus | SS | Suprascapular | C5-C6
Page: CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System)
CPRS Lists CPRS Orders
Page: CPRS - Completing the Encounter Form
When you attempt to sign your note, the encounter form should appear before you can sign. The Encounter Form is the VA's billing sheet. The key information needed is: The type of visit. The complexity level of the visit. The diagnosis. If the encounter fo
Page: CPRS - Selecting the Correct Encounter
In the VA world, an encounter is the way CPRS marks that a provider (or providers) and a patient have come into contact with each other. An encounter needs to be created or chosen before writing a note. Once an encounter has been created or chosen, then t
Page: CPRS - Selecting the Correct Note Title
Picking the correct note title helps with billing and data tracking, plus it makes it easier to find the right information when you need it later. To start your note, click on the New Note button (bottom left corner of the CPRS screen): New Note
Page: CPRS - Writing Notes at the VA
Writing notes at the VA is the same as writing notes in any medical chart, though there are a few specific VA policies that need to be followed. Abbreviations The VA is now prohibiting the use of specific abbreviations in notes. QD and QOD should be writt
Page: CPRS Lists
Making each day's clinic list, all neurology inpatients, and your personal list appear whenever you "Select New Patient" Click "Tools" from the menu at the top of the main CPRS menu. Click "Options" at the bottom of the dropdown list. The options window w
Page: CPRS Orders
Student orders Student orders should be co-signed by the attending (outpatients) or resident (inpatients). Copying orders from previous admission Useful for recurrent admission for infusions or for recently discharged patients who return To copy orders fr
Page: CSF Analysis
CSF profiles {table-plus} || || Color || Opening Pressure || WBC || Diff || RBC || Protein || Glucose || Misc || | Normal | Clear, colorless | 70-200 mm H2O | 0-5 | Mononuclear | 0 | <45-50 mg/dL | >2/3 serum | | | Bacterial meningitis | Cloudy, straw-col


Page: Dayfloat
Summary of Coverage Responsibilities/Workflow (full details below) dayfloat.jpg Weekdays: 3:00PM-5:00PM (or 1:00PM on continuity clinic days; see Clinic below) prior to arrival, review any emails from earlier in the day re: anticipated admits report to Te
Page: delete
Page: delete1
Page: Depression and Epilepsy
Avoid: Buproprion and TCAs. Buproprion may increase seizures, the effect is probably dose related (total daily dose >450mg or single dose >150mg) and the effect can be synergistic with other drugs that lower threshold. TCA's are riskier with overdose s
Page: DHE Protocol
DHE Protocol Flow Chart Dihydroergotamine (DHE-45) Protocol (from Gelb) Place heparin-lock needle upon arrival of patient. Order DHE-45 and metoclopramide (Reglan) to the floor stat. Give 10 mg Reglan i.v. followed immediately by 0.5 mg DHE given over 2 m
Page: Dictation Errors
Just more proof that you should really read your notes after they are transcribed. "She uses Evelyn Walker to get around the house." "Coordination normal to finger-to-nose and heel-to-chin." "She is able to perform finger-nose-finger and heel-knee-chin wi
Page: Dictation Suggestions
UM Neurology Resident Dictation Suggestions Directing a Dictation Send a copy to the referring doctor and the PCP, as well as any other doctor that may be relevant. Consider sending the patient a copy of the dictation. This helps reinforce their understan
Page: Dictations
How to dictate A useful summary for using the phone interface is at: . Briefly: Dial 188 or 5-5000 from a hospital phone. Dial (734) 615-5000 from
Page: Differential Diagnosis of Vertigo in the ED
1. Acute Severe Vertigo Vestibular neuritis Stroke 2. Recurrent Episodic Vertigo Meniere's Disease: >20min --hours, unilateral hearing loss/fullness/tinnitus with the episodes. If fulminant, think Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease. TIA: minutes, +vascular risk
Page: Disease Organizations
General Medical Websites and Organizations MedHelp ( Specific Diagnoses Card Catalog ( - from the University of Wisconsin Fam
Page: Dotphrases for MiChart
Use right-click, open in new window (links to M-box file) Then copy and paste into your MiChart SmartPhrase editor These templates can also be found in MiChart buttons (see the quickguide
Page: Draft revision of home page
The purpose of the A3 process is to: Structure effective and efficient dialogue foster understanding, followed by agreement Imagine the story of the proposal you want to make, the improvement you want to initiate or the problem you want to solve. Overview
Page: Driving, seizures, loss of consciousness, and excessive sleepiness
FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about the law and duty to report as well as background information is available here Handout titled "What I need to know after having a seizure or loss of conscio
Page: Drugs to Avoid in Myasthenic Crisis
Drugs that impair neuromuscular junction transmission and may increase weakness Antibiotics Aminoglycosides Tobramycin Gentamycin Netilmicin Neomycin Streptomycin Kanamycin Fluoroquinolones Ciprofloxacin Norfloxacin Ofloxacin Gatifloxacin Tetracyclines Cl


Page: EEG epileptiform abnormalities in normal persons
True epileptiform records in normal persons are very unusual. This can be seen as a genetic tendency in families - it is possible to find different patterns of epileptiform patterns in different members of the same family, with or without clinical manife
Page: EEG for electrocerebral inactivity
The Brain Death Examination – What every UM Epilepsy fellow needs to know. If you are consulted by a provider to perform a brain death EEG, this is what you should know: 1) Please refer to the institutional guidelines for brain death in case the consult
Page: EEG rotation
Responsibilities Read EEG studies that are started between 7:30 or 8 am and 5 pm Supervise the neurology resident on the EEG rotation, and split the work load with him/her Read evoked potential studies with Dr. Minecan periodically (about once per week) (
Page: EEG rotation--for neurology residents
Getting started Check in with the rotation coordinator (Dr. Beimer) before or at the very beginning of the rotation for an overview of responsibilities AAN - Interpretation of the Normal Adult EEG: Normal Patterns and Common Artifacts
Page: EEG Syllabus
Principles of EEG and Electrode Placement Fundamentals of EEG Interpretation Electrode Placement System Localization, Polarity and Montages Principles of Electricity and Electronics & The EEG Amplifier and its Controls EEG Artifacts Normal EEG and Benign
Page: Efficacy spectrum of AEDs
Effective for most seizure types Valproic acid Phenobarbital - ...but not absence sz Primidone - ...but not absence sz Benzodiazepines - ...but may occasionally worsen tonic sz, esp if used IV in LGS or West syndrome Lamotrigine - ...but may worsen myoclo
Page: Elective Schedule
Day AM PM Monday Cornblath Trobe Tuesday Trobe Lunch with Trobe and inpatient rounds Bring a snack--morning clinic runs until 2:30 pm or so. Then you have lunch in the cafeteria while you do sit-round on the inpatients. Wednesday Neuro Patient Conference
Page: Electrodiagnostic Protocols
Carpal Tunnel Protocol Conduction studies Median sensory wrist. Ulnar sensory wrist. Median and ulnar mid-palmars (if median sensory wrist peak latency is ¿3.3 ms and does not meet criteria) Median motor wrist with conduction. Ulnar motor wrist. Ulnar F-r
Page: Electromyography Training Manual
Section 1: Preface Introduction EMG Rotation Objectives EMG Rotation Skills List Section 2: Schedules EMG/Neuromuscular Neurology Resident Rotation Weekly Schedule Introductory EMG Schedule Neuromuscular Fellow Conference Schedule Section 3: Laboratory F
Page: Eligibility Criteria
Protocol Version 2- 10/23/2012 Stroke Hyperglycemia Insulin Network Effort (SHINE) Trial Eligibility Criteria – Inclusion Age 18 years or older Clinical diagnosis of ischemic stro
Page: Emergency Neurology
This is for use for UM staff only. Via Springer Library access for Roos, K. Emergency Neurology. Springer 2012. Contents Headache LBP Vertigo Syncope Acute visual loss Oculomotor problems Facial nerve Stroke ICH Seizures CNS infections Weakness Spinal cor
Page: Emerging Patterns of Behavior From Birth to 5 Years of Age
NEONATAL PERIOD (FIRST 4 WEEKS) Prone Lies in flexed attitude; turns head from side to side; head sags on ventral suspension Supine Generally flexed and a little stiff Visual May fixate face or light in line of vision; "doll's-eye" movement of eyes on t
Page: EMG
Schedule Day AM PM Monday Clinic (Dr. Teener) EMG (Dr. Teener) Tuesday Clinic (Dr. Feldman) EMG (Dr. Feldman) Wednesday 7:15 - Introductory EMG Conference, DeJong Library, 1912 TC 8:00 - Neuromuscular Fellow Conference, DeJong Library, 1912 TC 9:00
Page: EMG Machine Settings
{table-plus} || || GAIN || TIME BASE || LOW-Hz FILTER || HIGH-Hz FILTER || | *Sensory* | 20 uV | 2 ms per division | 20 Hz | 2 kHz or 3 kHz | | *Motor* | 5 mV | 2 ms per division | 2 Hz | 10 kHz | | *F-waves (UE)* | 500 uV | 5 ms | | | | *F-waves (LE)* |
Page: EMG Rotation Objectives
EMG ROTATION OBJECTIVES Updated 4/24/08 Zach London, MD University of Michigan See the ANSWERS here. GENERAL OBJECTIVES FOR THE ROTATION Knowledge Peripheral nervous system anatomy Diseases and disorders of the peripheral nervous system Neuromuscular phys
Page: EMG Rotation Objectives (Answers)
I. Basic Concepts of Electricity and Electronics in Clinical EMG What is charge? A property of certain subatomic particles (especially electrons and protons) that gives rise to and interacts with the electromagnetic force. Symbol is Q. Unit is coulomb (C)
Page: Epilepsy Articles
"Cross Sensitivity of Skin Rashes with Antiepileptic Drug Use." Hirsch et al. Neurology 2008; 71; 1527-1534. PMID: 18981374
Page: Epilepsy Clinic Rotation
Overview Contact the rotation coordinator (Dr. Beimer) via email to set up a time to meet briefly at the start of the rotation. Review the Epilepsy Rotation Goals and Objectives and try to complete all of the assigned readings by the end of the 2nd week (
Page: Epilepsy Continuum articles
Key points (article summaries) for the Continuum June 2013 Issue Diagnosis The 2010 Revised Classification of Seizures and Epilepsy (Berg and Milichap) EEG and Epilepsy Monitoring (Maganti and Rutecki) Neuroimaging in Investigation of Patients with Epile
Page: Epilepsy Fellows Quick Start Guide
General Where do I park? PDF from House officer's association From neuro wiki Some fellows get parking in P3, as assigned by neu
Page: Epilepsy Fellowship
This unmoderated website is NOT a reliable source of medical information. No patient information should be placed here. The Quick Start Guide – a comprehensive resource for surviving fellowship from start to finish Epilepsy fellows' quick start guide http
Page: Epilepsy Portal
This unmoderated website is NOT a reliable source of medical information. No patient information should be placed here. Quick Links For Residents: EEG rotation for residents Epilepsy Clinic Rotation for residents For Fellows: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysi
Page: Epilepsy social work resources
Useful Links NeedyMeds: Brochures Getting started Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund http://w
Page: Epilepsy--definitions, and basics
Note that some terminology on this page has been replaced by newer terminology, as outlined by the ILAE Definitions Seizure = Paroxysmal electrical discharge of the b
Page: Eslacarbazepine
Eslacarbazepine has not been approved in the USA Similar to carbamazepine and oxcarbazepine. Avoid use in those who have already has a hypersensitive reaction to one of those two medications and to those who have a second or third degree heart block. Ther
Page: Ethics conference
Schedule Date Presenter September 11, 2009 Berini December 11, 2009 Sheehan February 12, 2010 Hastings May 14, 2010 Kotagal October 11, 2010 Berini December 21, 2010 Berini March 7, 2011 Berini Format The resident presenting will select a topic from Ethic
Page: Ethosuximide
Comment Ethosuximide is an alternative to valproic acid as a treatment of first choice in childhood absence epilepsy, without the risk of hepatic injury from VPA. It is useful in other syndromes associated with absence and/or myoclonic seizures. Adverse
Page: Evoked Potential Studies
Workflow Check the inbox (on the bottom of the mailboxes in the fellow's room) for the reports to be reviewed about once per week Review the reports either on paper, or open them in Cadwell EPReview.png Search for your patient by date or name, and click o
Page: Ezogabine
Comment SEE FDA Black Box Warning A potentially valuable drug -- clearly defined dose-related efficacy in controlled studies, low interaction potential and unique mode of action. But need for gradual titration and for three times daily dosing, central ne


Page: Felbamate
Comment See FDA Black Box Warning Add-on treatment of Lennox--Gastaut syndrome and partial and secondary generalized seizures in patients refractory to other AEDs. Highly effective in severe refractory cases, but use limited by hepatic and hematological
Page: Fellowship Information
Cognitive Disorders Epilepsy / EEG Mixed Neurophysiology (EEG & EMG) Movement Disorder Neuromuscular / EMG Neurologic Oncology Sleep Stroke
Page: Forms and Policies
Goals and Objectives Goals and Objectives 6-2017 Policies Jeopardy Policy 4-2017 Advancement Policy 7-2017 Clinical Competency Committee Responsibilities 7-2017 Education Work Hours Policy 7-2017 Grievance Policy 7-2017 Guidelines for Resident Appreciatio


Page: Gabapentin
Comment Adjunctive therapy or monotherapy of partial or secondary generalized seizures. Well-tolerated AED, but a reputation as only modestly effective, esp. in severe cases - this may be due to low dosing used in clinical trials. Not useful for generali
Page: Generating an EEG report in MiChart
- Log in department: UH EEG, MH EEG - Open the Reading Worklist to find your patients: Click the Epic button > Diagnostics > Reading Work List 1.JPG Choose the report appropriate to your Log In Department. Click Run 2.JPG Find the patie
Page: Generating an LTM report in MiChart
Log in department: UH EPILEPSY LAB, MH PED EPILEPSY (you can also use UH EEG or MH EEG) - Open the Reading Worklist to find your patients: Click the Epic button > Diagnostics > Reading Work List 1.JPG Choose the report appropriate to your Log-I


Page: Head CT
Hounsfield units Bone 1000, acute blood 85 (admixed with brain is 60-80) brain 25-40 CSF 0 Fat -100 Air -1000 Ischemic stroke Hyperacute: 50-60% are normal; may see blurred gray-white junction Acute: poorly defined hypodensity and edema, may have gyral en
Page: Headache
Migraine Evaluation Migraine Treatment Strategies to deal with chronic headaches Headache Journal - 2015 Acute Migraine Therapy Evidence AAN Practice Guidelines for Migraines (from Neurology 2000; 55:754 - Exhaustive list of things to try) IHS Classificat
Page: Headache Selective
Schedule Morning Afternoon Monday Neuropathic Pain clinic (Schultz, TC) Neuropathic Pain clinic (Schultz, TC) Tuesday** Burlington Building, 1st floor Addiction Medicine (Malinoff) Interventional Pain Clinic (Chiravuri) *Alternates every other week Burl
Page: Headache Selective Goals and Objectives
Headache Selective Goals and Objectives The goals and objectives are identical to those for the neurology resident Clinic Rotation, with the following additions: Patient Care: A. Headache Medicine 9. Be able to take a focused headache/neuropathic p
Page: Helpful documents, protocols, clinical practice guidelines
You need a level 1 login to view most of these files. Link to Pediatric neurologic examination (from the University of Utah, Dr. Paul Larsen) Medication handouts for patients and families
Page: Helpful phone numbers
Phone numbers Prefixes: 232, 763, 764, 936, 615, 647, 998 (if page doesn't have 7 digits) Peds neuro fellow office #: 28469, 28470, 28468 Operator 64000 (if you don't want patient to have your phone # with caller ID) Peds EEG techs 28479 Peds routine EEG
Page: Hemorrhagic Stroke (Intracerebral Hemorrhage)
Risk factors Hypertension Drugs Vascular malformations Tumors Amyloid Hemorrhagic conversion of ischemic stroke Diagnosis / Imaging Non-contrast head CT. Helps with assessment of where the bleed is; this in turn helps with etiology. Assess the size of the
Page: How Do I...?
-Admit a patient to the NICU, particularly when there are no beds? 1) Does your patient need to be in the neuro-ICU? Would another unit be acceptable? Patients with cerebrovascular disease or ICP issues NEED to be in the NICU, they should not go to a
Page: How To Do A Consult
A guide to handling consults: If the consult description is non-urgent (ie: Headache x 2 days) its usually a good idea to look the patient up in Michart before calling back. Call back the caller and get the details of the story. If the consult is from the
Page: Hypercoagulability Work-up
Bolded terms are Michart order names: Ischemic Stroke Hypercoagulable Work-up Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome labs Lupus anticoagulant (can't be on heparin or warfarin) Cardiolipin antibody Beta-2 glycoprotein antibodies Test includes IgG, IgM, and Ig


Page: I'm Panicking!
What to do if you're overwhelmed on call? Panic comes in 2 major flavors: If 2 emergencies happen to occur simultaneously - ie: a patient on the floor who becomes unstable and needs to go to the unit while the ER is calling you with an emergency. You're g
Page: ICD-9-CM for epilepsy
ICD-9-CM for epilepsy.pdf
Page: Increased Intracranial Pressure
Key Formulas CPP = MAP - ICP MAP = ((2 x diastolic) + systolic)/3 Where: CPP = Cerebral perfusion pressure MAP = Mean arterial pressure ICP = Intracranial pressure Normal Values Normal ICP is 5-15 cm H20. Normal CPP is > 60 cm H2O Herniation Syndromes Cin
Page: Index
Page: Inherited Neurologic Disease (DNA Banking Research Project)
Overview Title: DNA Banking Research Project Owner: Arijit Date: 04/18/2013 Project Title: Inherited Neurologic Disease (IRBMED HUM#00025895) Project Summary: The goal of this project is to identify new genes and new mutant alleles responsible for a broad
Page: Inpatient Subacute Ischemic Stroke Management
Location Stroke units have been shown to have improved outcomes over other medical/surgical units. A stroke patient should be in the stroke unit (4AS) or the NICU at admission if being admitted by neurology. If already on another service, the extent and s
Page: Intraoperative and Extraoperative mapping studies
How to find mapping cases Mapping cases should show up on Stephanie Jones's Mapping Cases calendar in Outlook The IOM (or EEG) person should check this calendar regularly (daily) to plan for mapping cases Mapping cases can also be found in MiChart Inbox,
Page: IOM
Helpful Information Intraoperative Monitoring Overview Goals and Objectives of Rotation Guidelines and Role of IOM Physician Case Report Information Principles of Coding for Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (IOM) and Testing Useful documents IOM
Page: IOM rotation
See IOM page Responsibilities Cover the WADA cases and write the reports for these. Cover the mapping cases and write the reports for these. May use the EEG reading room in the UH South or IOM room (1st floor b
Page: iPad
Me, Myself and Ipad2 - Tips for getting the most out of your iPad. How to set up your email Select "Settings" on your iPad Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" Select "Exchange" Select "Account" Enter email as Enter server as
Page: Is mechanism useful to select AEDs?
Probably not, no - but I see no compelling alternative, either. With 20 currently recognized AEDs, there are, in theory, 190 possible combinations of two drugs and 1140 possible combinations of three drugs - although many of these are not likely to be u


Page: Journal Club
The major change to Journal Club for this year is that we are going to have a more structured curriculum. The resident for each month will be assigned a type of study (e.g., case series, population study, randomized controlled trial, etc.) and will choose
Page: Journal Club Schedule
{table-plus} || Date || Presenter || | Sept 25 | Natalie Wheeler | | Oct 23 | Asim Haque | | Nov 27 | Jon Snider | | Dec 25 | no meeting | | Jan 22 | Jeanie Cote | | Feb 26 | Nick Beimer | | Mar 26 | Nicole Karis | | Apr 23 | Jess Stulc | | May 28 | Shiao


Page: Ketamine
Comment Ketamine is used in emergency and short-lasting procedures as an anaesthetic with strong analgesic and sedative effects. Ketamine has psychotropic effects and may be abused. Ketamine is a very effective anticonvulsant in animal models of status e


Page: Lacosamide (VIMPAT)
Comment Adjunctive therapy of partial-onset seizures with or without secondary generalization in adults with epilepsy. Lacosamide has well-documented efficacy, lack of clinically important drug interactions and is available in an IV form. FDA indicatio
Page: Lafora Disease
Other names: Lafora Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsy Introduction: Lafora disease is a hereditary epilepsy that is considered to be one of the progressive myoclonic epilepsies. Progressive myoclonic epilepsies are characterized by the following: 1. Myoclonu
Page: Lamotrigine
Comment A very useful antiepileptic drug which can used as first- or second- line monotherapy, or as adjunctive therapy, in the treatment of partial seizures and in some of the generalized epilepsy syndromes. Tends to be activating, and not sedating - bu
Page: Lamotrigine Dosing & Titration
CAUTION Please note that there are two dosing schedules: For patients who are NOT taking Valproate For patients who ARE taking Valproate Rapid dose escalation can be dangerous with Lamotrigine, due to risk of a serious rash, including Stevens-Johnson reac
Page: Levetiracetam
Comment First-line and add-on therapy of partial-onset seizures (but approved as add-on only). Adjunctive and, possibly, first-line therapy for idiopathic generalized epilepsy. The chemically-related drug piracetam is one of the few drugs apprroved for m
Page: lkfn knf-test
Page: Localization Tools
Localization table A "+" indicates a location where a lesion could cause the symptom listed. To sort by different locations, click the top of the column. {table-plus} || Symptom || Hemisphere || Thalamus || Brainstem || Cerebellum || Spinal Cord || Anteri


Page: Michart and Other Technology
Michart Michart Inpatient Cheatsheet If MAR Hold #With the patient's tab opened, look at left-most column and click "Transfer" (may need to look in "More Activities") #Click on "Order Reconciliation' #Under "Review Current Orders" click "Continue Unsele
Page: Michart Inpatient Cheatsheet
MANAGING TEAM LISTS: In MiChart, there are several ways to find individual patients, and several ways to look at team lists. Some of these are automatically generated by the system by looking at specific features of the patient (i.e., active orders or tea
Page: MiChart Smartphrases
General Stroke Headaches Epilepsy Ataxia Sleep
Page: Migraine Evaluation
General questions to ask when evaluating migraine: At what age did the headaches start? Is there a family history of headache? Does the patient get: Motion sickness? Ice cream headaches? Is there a history of head trauma? Medications(see list of medicatio
Page: Migraine Treatment
First line abortive therapies for ER patients Hydration Valproate (Depacon) 5-10 mg/kg IV rate <20 mg/min IV Anti-emetics Prochlorperazine (Compazine) Metoclopramide (Reglan) Promethazine (Phenergan) Steroids Methylprednisolone (Solumedrol) 1 gram IV once
Page: Mitochondrial Vitamin Cocktail
Vitamin Cocktail for Mitochondrial/Metabolic Myopathy Take with meals Thiamine 100 mg three times daily Riboflavin 100 mg three times daily Vitamin E 400 IU three times daily Vitamin C 500 mg three times daily Folic acid 1 mg daily Co-Q-10 200 mg three ti
Page: Movement Disorders
Ataxia Ataxia Physical Therapy handouts Botox Chorea Consent form for video-taping (have staff scan into MiChart afterwards) Deep
Page: MRI Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis
MRI Criteria for Brain Abnormality MRI lesions disseminated in space At least three of the following criteria must be met: 1 gadolinium-enhancing lesion or 9 T2-hyperintense lesions if there is no gadolinium-enhancing lesion At least 1 infratentorial lesi
Page: Multiple Sclerosis
Diagnosis: Mcdonald Criteria (2010) MRI McDonald Criteria: Dissemination in space: >1 or 1 T2 lesions in at least 2/4: periventricular, juxtacortical, infratentorial, spinal cord Dissemination in time (at least one point): 1. A new T2 and/or gad-enhancing
Page: Muscle and Nerve Cheat Sheet
Upper Extremities {table-plus} || MUSCLE || Abbreviation || Innervation || Roots || Trunk || Cord || | Trapezius | TRAP | Spinal | Accessory | C3-C4 | | | Rhomboids | R | Dorsal Scapular | C4-*C5* | Pre-trunk | | | Supraspinatus | SS | Suprascapular | *C5
Page: Myasthenic Crisis
Monitoring IF IN ANY DOUBT, GO SEE THE PATIENT!!! Monitor respiratory parameters every few hours. NIF (it should be more negative than -30 in general) Vital cap (concerning when <10-12 mg/kg) Other ways to assess respiratory status Quality of cough Abilit


Page: NeCTO
The purpose of the A3 process is to: Structure effective and efficient dialogue foster understanding, followed by agreement Imagine the story of the proposal you want to make, the improvement you want to initiate or the problem you want to solve. Overview
Page: Needle EMG
Settings Sweep speed is the horizontal measurement and gain is the vertical measurement. In general gain is 50 uv/div for spontaneous recordings and 200 uv/div for voluntary MUAP (motor unit action potential) recordings with 200 msec (or 100 msec) sweep s
Page: Nerve Conduction Study Normal Values
Sensory Nerve Conduction Values Nerve minimum Amplitude (uV) minimum C.V. (m/sec) maximum Peak latency (ms) Distance (cm) Ulnar (wrist) 10 53 3.5 14 Median (wrist) 20 53 3.7 14 Radial 20 48 2.7 10 Sural 6 41 4.2 14 Ulnar (palm) – – 2.1 8 Median (palm) 25
Page: Neuro Critical Care
GCS Ranges 3-15 Eye opening: 4 - spontaneous 3 - response to verbal command 2 - response to pain 1 - none Verbal response: 5 - oriented 4 - confused 3 - inappropriate words 2 - incomprehensible sounds 1 - none Motor response: 6 - obeys commands 5 - locali
Page: Neuro-Infectious Disease
Bacterial Meningitis Viral meningoencephalitis Other CSF infections
Page: Neuro-Oncology
Neuro-Oncology Extrapolation for methotrexate levels for discharge: If less than 0.15, discharge home If level is 0.2, discharge after an additional 6 hours of bicarbonate hydration If level is 0.25, discharge after an additional 9 hours of bicarbonate hy
Page: Neuro-ophthalmology
Elective Schedule Reading and Resources for the Elective Eye Movement & Pupil Response Simulator Neuro-ophthalmology online text
Page: Neuro-Otology
Differential Diagnosis of Vertigo in the ED Patient Resources Vestibular Disorders Association Balance Disorders, Dizziness, Falls in Older Adults (NIH) University of Michigan Otology and
Page: Neuroanatomy (1st half of 2009)
{table-plus} || Date || Resident || Topic || | 01/16/09 | Burke | Ch. 16 - Infections of the brain except TB, fungal, and miscellaneous. | | 01/23/09 | Kotagal | Ch. 2 (1st half) - Neuroanatomy overview & basic definitions. | | 01/30/09 | Hastings | Ch. 2
Page: Neuroanatomy (1st half of 2010)
Overview Friday mornings at 8 AM in DeJong Library (unless the weekly schedule says otherwise). Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases by Hal Blumenfeld, MD, PhD. Food is usually provided. Schedule {table-plus} || Date || Resident || Chapter || Topic || | 1/
Page: Neurogenetics
Online Resources - a site with extensive information about genetic disease and testing laboratories
Page: Neurological Disease of the Week
Page: Neurological Emergencies
Acute Stroke Status Epilepticus (adult, first 1-6 hours) Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Venous Sinus Thrombosis Increased ICP Movement Disorder Emergencies
Page: Neurology & General Medicine
Coma Prognosis Headache
Home page: Neurology Wiki
This unmoderated website is NOT a reliable source of medical information. No patient information should be placed here. Can't find what you're looking for? Look in the Index, or use the search box in the upper right-hand corner. How-to links: edit pages,
Page: Neuromuscular
Electrodiagnostic testing EMG Rotation Objectives Muscle and Nerve Cheat Sheet EMG machine settings Nerve Conduction Study Normal Values Needle EMG Protocols Writing an EMG Report EMG expectat
Page: Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship
Under Construction For a brief overview of and application information about the Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship, please go to the following site:
Page: Neuropathic Pain Medications
Drugs with Class I evidence for treatment of pain in polyneuropathy Gabapentin (Neurontin) 1200-3600mg daily start with 600mg scored tab and have patient take ½ tab 300mg tid and then increase by ½ tab every 1-3 days to goal of 600mg tid (1800mg) If patie
Page: Neuropathology
The pediatric neurology residents do a required neuropath rotation. Here is general info: Administrative contacts are Laurie Chopko ( at 734-936-1889, or Shirley Andrews at mailto:sea
Page: NeuroPathology (2nd half 2009)
Ellison and Love NeuroPath book - there is a CD with pictures. Be sure to talk to Dr. Hudson before your presentation - he is an excellent resource and can point out all of the pictures you should show - and tell you why. {table-plus} || Date || Presenter
Page: Neuroradiology
On Call Radiology How To Hospitals which do ELECTRONIC radiology imaging transfers Contact OSH radiology to send things to us Call UM Radiology file room to let them know what's coming Fill out order in MiChart for outside radiology imaging read Modalitie
Page: Neuroradiology (2nd half of 2008)
{table-plus} || Date || Resident || Topic || | 08/15/08 | Abaluck | Ch. 6 - Normal vascular anatomy. | | 08/22/08 | Simpson | Ch. 9 - Aneurysms. | | 08/29/08 | Rabquer | Ch. 10 - Vascular malformations. | | 09/05/08 | Giger-Mateeva | Ch. 7 - ICH, Ch. 8 -
Page: Neuroscience Day
The University of Michigan Neuroscience Day is an annual poster and platform session where neurology and neurosurgery residents and fellows present their scholarly works. 2017 Neuroscience Day Wednesday, June 14 May 3 - Abstracts due by noon to Nina Galan
Page: Neuroscience Day 2006 Abstracts
Elias Bazakos and Jonathan Edwards Musicogenic Seizures – A Rare Form of Reflex Epilepsy Musicogenic seizures are an extremely rare and complex form of reflex epilepsy, with only a few cases reports found in the literature. We present the case of a 26 y
Page: Neuroscience Day 2007 Abstracts
Aaron Mammoser Fatal aplastic anemia associated with cranial irradiation and concomitant temozolomide in a patient with glioblastoma. Aaron Mammoser, M.D., Petruzzelli, M.S., Christina Tsien, M.D. Lisa R. Rogers, D.O Abstract: Temozolomide is an ora
Page: Neuroscience Day 2008 Abstracts
---- Amanda Hamilton Continuous video EEG monitoring of comatose patients in the intensive care unit We are planning to look at patient's in the ICU over the last one-two years who were comatose and underwent continuous video-EEG monitoring to see what t
Page: Neuroscience Day 2009 Abstracts
Aaron Mammoser- Bevacizumab (Avastin) is an important treatment option for high grade gliomas and possibly for cerebral radiation necrosis. Bevacizumab administration is associated with a small risk of DVT/PE and bleeding, including intracranial hemorrhag
Page: Neuroscience Day 2010 Abstracts
Neuroscience Day 2010 *Afifa Shamim-Uzzaman* \- Restless Legs Syndrome in Pregnancy: Frequency and Correlates. _Introduction_: Restless legs syndrome (RLS) affects approximately 14% of females in the general population.&nbsp; Several studies have shown th
Page: Neuroscience Day Mentors & Topics
Eric Adelman Quality improvement. Various projects. Stroke education. A web-based interactive educational tool. Impact of book reviews in medical journals. Predictors of successful CSF collection in a resident lumbar puncture clinic. Roger Albin Neuroim
Page: NICU Presentation
An organized way to present complex patients: List the 24 hour events and their outcome, if known. Include any major patient decline, new studies, consults and the consultant opinions, procedures and other improtant 24-hour events. List the patients vital
Page: Nightfloat
The Night Float week is from Sunday through either Thursday or Friday (some residents may chose to do 6 nights in a row and cover Friday night; if you do this, you have less "random" night float nights during the year) Night float will begin at 8PM; day


Page: Occipital Nerve Block
Procedure Note: Bilateral Greater Occipital Nerve Block Indications: severe bilateral occipital pain Informed consent was obtained (explaining the procedure and risks and benefits of procedure) from patient: the signed consent form was placed in the med
Page: Old call schedules
RotOld blck schedules 2013-2014 Block Schedule Old call schedules Oct 2014 Nov 2014 Dec 2014 Jan 2015 Feb 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015
Page: On Call
This page is for tips on how to navigate the UM system and get things done when you're on call. Neurology help How To Do A Consult - Consult, rinse, repeat. How Do I...? How to Triage - This will help you sort out the best way to organize your time on cal
Page: On Call Triage
There are no absolutes when it comes to triaging problems when you're on call. Here's a general priority list: Urgent or emergent cross-cover issues. You're the only physician in the hospital responsible for these patients, so if there is an emergency or
Page: Other CSF Infections
Tuberculous meningitis CSF with: Lymphocytosis Low glucose High protein Positive AFB culture (after 4-6 weeks) AFB stain may be negative Send CSF PCR PPD may be negative 75% will have pulmonary TB Start treatment before cultures back if suspicious. Crypto
Page: Oxcarbazepine
Comment Adjunctive therapy or monotherapy of partial and secondary generalized seizures. Better tolerated and fewer interactions than carbamazepine. Efficacy spectrum restricted to partial epilepsies -- may be useful to treat primary generalized tonic-


Page: Paraldehyde
Comment Paraldehyde is a hypnotic that has been used primarily for the treatment of substance withdrawal seizures and status epilepticus. Today, the sole indication for paraldehyde is in the treatment of acute seizures or status epilepticus. The literatu
Page: Parking Schedule and Information
This schedule shows which residents have access to Taubman Clinic parking with thier Blue passes. In general, parking is assigned based on the following: There are 12 spots for neurology residents. Residents on inpatient service, consults, EEG, EMG, peds
Page: Past Lectures
2015 Louis Dang - Autonomic Nervous System - excellent Horner's review Dr. Ramchandren - Intro to Basic Neuroscience Series Muscle pathology 11/16/15 - Dr. Ramchandren Brainstem.ppt - courtesy of Mollie McDermott - good brainstem anatomy overview Periph
Page: Patient Conference 2010 - 2011
Date 2010-2011 Comments July 7, 2010 Fink, David "Isolated CNS Whipple's Disease" July 14, 2010 Gelb, Doug "A Patient with Dysarthria (DX: Bulbar ALS)" July 21, 2010 CANCELED LP Simulator for PGY2's - Linda Selwa July 28, 2010 Kutcher, Jeff "Sports Relate
Page: Patient Conference 2011-2012
Date Presenter Topic Comments July 6, 2011 Segal, Ben "Secondary Progression of MS" July 13, 2011 Gelb, Doug "AIOP in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis" July 20, 2011 CANCELED/Replaced by: LP Simulator - Linda Selwa July 27, 2011 London, Zach "Brachia
Page: Patient Conference 2012-2013
Date Presenter Comments July 4, 2012 CANCELED Holiday July 11, 2012 Gelb, Doug "Thoracic Myelopathy Due to Neurosarcoidosis" July 18, 2012 Fink, David "Primary Progressive Aphasia" July 25, 2012 London, Zach "Sensory Ataxia" August 1, 2012 Mammoser, Aar
Page: Patient Conference 2013-2014
Date Presenter Topic July 3, 2013 Gelb, Doug Multiple Sclerosis (benign course over 17 years) July 10, 2013 Leventhal, Dan "Tardive Dyskinesias/Akathisia" July 17, 2013 London, Zach "Hereditary Neuralgic Amyotrophy" July 24, 2013 Goldstein, Cathy Patient
Page: Patient Conference 2014 - 2015
Date Presenter Topic July 2, 2014 Gallagher, Gary "Anti-MAG Neuropathy" July 9, 2014 Leventhal, Dan "Advanced Parkinson Disease" July 16, 2014 London, Zach "Neurofibromatoris and Cervical Myeloradialopathy" July 23, 2014 Goldstein, Cathy "REM Sleep Behavi
Page: Patient Conference 2015-2016
Date Presenter Topic July 8, 2015 London, Zach Pompe Disease (Acid Maltase Deficiency) July 15, 2015 Garwood, Mark "Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Genetics Manifestations & Management" July 22, 2015 Bly, Ben "Chorea" July 29, 2015 Almeida, Andrea "Acute Concus
Page: Patient Conference 2016-2017
Patient Conference Schedule 2016-2017 http://Patient Conference 20116-2017 Date Presenter Topic July 13, 2016 Parent, Jack "Medically Refractory Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy" July 20, 2016 Mammoser, Aaron "Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration in a pati
Page: Patient Conference Schedule 2008-2009
{table-plus} || Date || Speaker || Topic || | July 2, 2008 | (Orientation) | | July 9, 2008 | Gelb, Doug | Dysarthria | | July 16, 2008 | Fink, David | Creutfeld-Jakob Disease | | July 23, 2008 | Trobe, Jonathan | Craniopharyngioma | | July 30, 2008 | Lon
Page: Patient Conference Schedule 2009-2010
{table-plus} || Date || Speaker || Topic & Comments || | July 1, 2009 | CANCELED | | | July 8, 2009 | Gelb, Doug | "A Patient with Abnormal MRI" | | July 15, 2009 | Selwa, Linda | "Status Epilepticus" | | July 22, 2009 | Kutcher, Jeff | "Progressive Flaci
Page: Patient Conference Schedule 2017-2018
Date Presenter Topic July 12, 2017 OPEN July 19, 2017 McDermott, Mollie Fabry's Disease July 26, 2017 Gallagher, Gary Sjogren’s Sensory Neuronopathy August 2, 2017 Bly, Ben Autoimmune Polyneuropathy August 9, 2017 London, Zach Inclusion body m
Page: Pediatric Neurology
Page: Peds Epi service
!Useful documents Normal neonatal EEG by gestational age (pdf) Abnormal term or near-term neonatal EEG
Page: Peds Neuro Service
Overview Usually the junior resident will be on with a senior resident or a peds-neuro resident. It is not uncommon to be in the hospital until 6 pm or later. The MiChart clinic context is MH PED NEUROLOGY and the clinic schedule is MH PEDNEU NEW PATIENT.
Page: Perampanel (FYCOMPA)
The product labelling for Perampanel in the USA is for focal epilepsy. It has been used in genetic generalized epilepsies with encouraging results -- the manufacturer is possibly applying for a new indication that will cover GGE. See: Epilepsy Res. http
Page: Phenobarbital, Primidone and Other Barbiturates
Comment Adjunctive or first-line therapy for partial and generalized seizures (including myoclonus). Ineffective in absences. Phenobarbital is also used for status epilepticus and neonatal seizures. Highly effective antiepileptic drug, used as first-lin
Page: Phenytoin
Comment First-line or adjunctive therapy for partial and generalized seizures (except for myoclonic and absence seizures) and convulsive status epilepticus. Effective and inexpensive. Disadvantages include non-linear elimination kinetics, CNS and systemi
Page: Phenytoin Dosing & Titration
If patient is in status, go to the status epilepticus page. Inititation Without loading: see the maintainence section below. Loading doses (generally 10-20 mg/kg) Oral (PO) 1000 mg divided into three doses (400 mg initially, 300 mg 2 hours later, and 300
Page: PM&R
Below is an outdated PMR elective schedule, which contains a list of sample clinics. However, the PMR clinics change every month, so in order to make it to the actual clinic on the right day, please check each month's PMR clinic schedule. Before your ro
Page: Pregabalin
Comment Adjunctive therapy for partial seizures with or without secondary generalization. Spectrum of efficacy restricted to partial epilepsies - may worsen generalized epilepsies. Note that failure on GBP does not predict Pregabalin response. CNS adver
Page: Pregnancy and AEDs
Read this first This is a moving target. Presume these data are now incorrect. The data in brief The evidence was summarized in an evidence-based guideline released in 2009 by the American Academy of Neurology and the American Epilepsy Society. 1. Terato
Page: Procedures
Lumbar Puncture NEJM Video CJD: If you are doing an LP on a patient in whom you suspect CJD, please call infection control (pager 30032, available 24/7) todiscuss handling of the CSF in the lab and dispos
Page: Program Evaluation Committee Notes and Minutes
2016-2017 Program Committees PEC Minutes 8/2016 PEC Minutes 10/2016 PEC Minutes 11/2016 PEC Minutes 12/2016 PEC Minutes 2/2017 PEC Minutes 3/2017 PEC Minutes 5/2017 PEC Minutes 6/2017 Program Evaluation Committee 2015-2016 Program Committees Program Ev
Page: Propofol
Page: Psychiatry
C/L at University Hospital Typical day: Arrive 8-8:30am to the resident room around "9D", leave around 5-5:30 PM. You are one of 2-3 residents who will be seeing consults. You usually get 0-2 new consults a day. You won't get consults on mornings of W



Page: Radiology How To
Who's who 1800 Who: A senior radiology resident. Directions: The 1800 lives in a little cave down on B1 (B1-D242D). Pager #: the pager number for the 1800 is...drumroll...1800! Phone: 3-5203 and 3-5253 Hours: Weekdays after 5:00 pm, Weekends and Holidays
Page: Reading for the elective from Dr. Trobe
Practical Neuro-Ophthalmology: the syllabus Management of 3rd, 4th, and 6th nerve palsies: a book chapter Burde, Savino, Trobe (authors): Clinical Decisions in Neuro-Ophthalmology, 3rd edition. Available in Kellogg Eye Center Library Trobe (author): The
Page: Refractory Epilepsy Conference
REC is most Thursdays at 2:30 pm, depending on the adult (Dr. Oren Sagher and Dr. Emily Levin) or pediatric (Dr. Hugh Garton) neurosurgeons' availability Fellows will be asked to present patients they have seen in clinic, but will also present patients th
Page: Required Reading Schedule
Article Quiz July 1 - 13, 2013 Continuum Articles July 14 - 20, 2013 Revised terminology and concepts for organization of seizures and epilepsies: report of the ILAE commission on Classification and terminology July 21 - July 27, 2013 Quality improv
Page: Research Links
General: CITI Training eResearch IRBMED Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (formerly DRDA) PEERRS http://my.r
Page: Research Tools
Statistical software U of M logos yellowkey1.gif
Page: Resident Jobs
{table-plus}2017-2018 || Job || Resident(s) || | Chiefs | Claytor, Shah| | RITE Review | Chua, Robell | | Friday morning lectures | Dupuis | | Journal Club | Nafziger | | Parking | Arnold | | Social | Shah, Claytor, Nafziger | | Tech Czar | Terman, Cornet
Page: RITE
RITE 2016-2017 Review: Date Presenter and Topic PPT MP3 Recording 11/29 The Bens - Introduction to RITE 12/01 Melissa McDonald - Toxicology Toxic and Metabolic 2016-2017.pptx 12/05 Danielle Nolan - Pathology RITE 2017 Pathology lecture.pptx 12/06
Page: RITE Anatomic syndromes
RITE Anatomic syndromes ----
Page: RITE Answers
Past RITE Answers:
Page: RITE Basal Ganglia and Thalamus
RITE Basal Ganglia and Thalamus 2015 2014 The thalamus is supplied mainly by the branches of the posterior cerebral, posterior communicating, and posterior choroidal arteries. Fibers from the anterior nucleus of the thalamus project to the cingulate gyr
Page: RITE blood supply
RITE Blood supply anatomy 2015 2014 The medial medullary syndrome is most commonly associated with infarction in the anterior spinal artery distribution at the level of the medulla. An occlusion at this level may result in ipsilateral CNXII paralysis (fas
Page: RITE Brainstem
RITE Brainstem and Cerebellum 2015 2014 The findings are most consistent with a left dorsolateral medullary syndrome (Wallenberg syndrome) due to ischemia in the distribution of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery. Ipsilateral limb ataxia in this cas
Page: RITE CNs
RITE Cranial Nerves 2015 2014 The cavernous sinus, midbrain, pons, and superior orbital fissure do not contain segments of the optic nerve. The intraorbital portion of the optic nerve is contained in the cone formed by the ocular muscles. The apex of this
Page: RITE Contemporary Issues
RITE Contemporary Issues ----
Page: RITE Cortex
RITE Cortex ---- 2015 2014 Damage to the fornix can occur with transcallosal surgery to remove a colloid cyst of the third ventricle, which interrupts the Papez circuit and results in loss of the ability to form new memories. The other structures, while i
Page: RITE Dementia
RITE Dementia ----
Page: RITE Demyelinating
RITE Demyelinating ----
Page: RITE Developmental
RITE Developmental Disorders 2015 2014 Williams syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused by deletions on chromosome 7. Patients are generally very friendly with excellent social and language skills. Marked impairment is noted on tests of visual pr
Page: RITE Embryology
RITE Embryology 2015 2014 Neural crest derivatives include cells of the dorsal root ganglia (involved in transmission of pain) and sympathetic ganglia. These derivatives require nerve growth factor (NGF) for survival. Other neural crest derivatives are Sc
Page: RITE Epilepsy
RITE Epilepsy ----
Page: RITE Genetics and biomarkers
RITE Genes and biomarkers ----
Page: RITE Headache and pain
RITE Headache and pain ----
RITE Infectious Diseases ----
Page: RITE Movement
RITE Movement ----
Page: RITE Neuromuscular
RITE Neuromuscular ----
Page: RITE Onc
RITE Onc ----
Page: RITE Ophthy and Oto
RITE Ophthy and Oto ----
Page: RITE Other Electro
RITE Other Electrophys ----
Page: RITE Peds
RITE Peds ----
Page: RITE Pharm and Chem
RITE Pharmacology and Chemistry ----
RITE Peripheral Nervous 2015 2014 The posterior cord of the brachial plexus gives off the thoracodorsal and subscapular nerves and terminates by splitting into the axillary and radial nerves. Any muscles innervated by these branches may be weakened with a
Page: RITE Psych Behavioral
RITE Psych and Behavioral ---- 2015 2014 2013 2012
Page: RITE Psychopharm
RITE Psychopharmacology ----
Page: RITE Sleep
RITE Sleep ----
Page: RITE Spinal Cord
RITE Spinal Cord ---- 2015 2014 The lateral vestibulospinal tract facilitates extensor muscle tone, whereas the rubrospinal tract facilitates flexor tone. A lesion between the red nucleus and vestibular nuclei can result in decerebrate posturing. The dors
Page: RITE Stroke
RITE Stroke ----
Page: RITE systemic disorders
RITE Systemic disorders ----
Page: Rufinamide
Comment Adjunctive therapy of Lennox Gastaut syndrome. Potentially valuable drug based on efficacy in LGS trial. Modest efficacy in partial-onset seizures. FDA indications Lennox-Gastaut syndrome - Seizure; Adjunct (4yo and up) Mechanism Limits excessiv


Page: Scheduled admissions for ALS patients after PEG placement
When ALS patients who receive mechanical ventilation (BiPAP or ventilator support) have a PEG tube placed by IR they need to be observed for about 24 hours. Because of their respiratory issues they need to be in an ICU. In general, these patients will
Page: Schedules
Continuity Clinics Schedule Changes depending on which rotation you are on. Each rotation has a set time when continuity clinic should be. HERE is the schedule Continuity attending staffing schedule: Click here Annual Schedules 2017-2018 Resident Master B
Page: Seizure Classification
International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Seizure Classification ( GENERALIZED SEIZURES Tonic-clonic Absence Typical Atypi
Page: Seizure Medicine FDA Approved Indications & Adverse Effects
{table-plus} || AED || Partial Epilepsy effect || Generalized Epilepsy effect || Other FDA Indications || Side effects || | Benzodiazepines | Useful for abortive treatment of clusters | Useful in GTC, myoclonus | Anxiety | sedation | | Carbamazepine | Goo
Page: Selectives
Sleep Epilepsy Headache Neuro-Oncology Key References in Neuro-
Page: SHINE mRS Scoring
Page: SHINE Tools
MOP: Online MOP (V 3.0) MOP (V 3.0) - no password required Checklists: Investigator Checklist Study Coordinator/Backup Investigator Checklist Randomization: WebDCU Randomization Page Progress No
Page: SHINE Trial
Status: Enrolling NIH-NINDS U01 NS069498 Stroke Hyperglycemia Insulin Network Effort This is a multicenter, prospective, randomized, controlled trial, with blinded outcomes. It aims to determine the efficacy and provide further safety data on the use of
Page: Side effects
General points Clinical trials cannot predict an individual's response on the medicine. Clinical trials are not designed to detect long-term treatment effects -- this data is really limited to the earlier AEDs. Nonspecific neurocognitive effects Variable
Page: Signout Format
Name, MRN Clinical History Meds (neuroactive): Team: EEG: Signout: to EPI fellow on-call, EPI attending, neurology resident on-call Examples: Cookie Monster, 055555555 37 year-old woman with history of right temporal seizures manifesting as loss of aware
Page: Signs Which Appear & Disappear with Age
Age (months) Moro (extension even without flexor phase) AST N (imposable even for 30" or inconstant) Neck Righting (imposable but transient) Supporting Reaction (fair or good) Landau (head above horizontal and back arched) Parachute (complete) 1 93 % 67 %
Page: Sleep Fellowship
Under Construction
Page: Sleep Medicine
Guide to the Sleep Examination yellowkey1.gif : A cheat sheet to use in sleep clinic. Look up Mallampati scores before you do your exam. Up to Date has a nice picture to help guide the scoring. Sleep clinic visit interview cheat-sheet The Best Sleep Note
Page: Sleep Selective
Information on the Sleep Selective coming soon...
Page: Smart phrase Notes
Note templates: HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: ROS: 10/14 systems reviewed and are negative except as above. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: MEDICATIONS: ALLERGIES: FAMILY HISTORY: SOCIAL HISTORY: M PHYSICAL EXAM: Vitals: General: well-appearing *** in NAD HEE
Page: Sports Neurology
Page: Status Epilepticus (adult, first 1-6 hrs)
Time equals brain likely also applies to status epilepticus. What are you waiting for? STEP 1 - THE BASICS (Impending SE; your response in first 0-10 minutes) Ensure ABCs, IV access, give O2, EKG monitor Order CBC, COMP, tox screen, EtOH, beta-HCG, AED
Page: Status Epilepticus in Children--Suggested Medications
This unmoderated website is NOT a reliable source of medical information. No patient information should be placed here. Medications for status epilepticus in children: Lorazepam 0.1 mg/kg maximum dose 4 mg; may repeat once after 5 minutes Diazepam- Maximu
Page: Stream Lectures
3/15/15 - Neuroscience - Learning and
Page: Stroke education
For patients on the neurology service, use the templates available in the discharge summary. When documenting education in a progress note or consult note, use the .strokeeducation phrase which populates following text, as applicable: We educated <____PAT
Page: Stroke Research Trials
Research Links SHINE Trial
Page: Study Links
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Page: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Immediate neurosurgery consult. In general, SAH patients should be admitted to neurosurgery. Causes Trauma Aneurysm (saccular) AVM ICH with extravasation Venous occlusion Diagnosis CT scan is 90-95% sensitive within 24 hours, and decreases to ~ 80% at 72
Page: Subdural grid recordings
Before the grid placement Epilepsy surgeries with implanted subdural grid recordings will be posted on the Outlook calendars Neuro-4A-Weekly-Admits calendar for adults George Blackmore's Epilepsy Schedule for peds The fellows on the LTM service should rea
Page: Suggested Reading List
Feel free to add new suggestions, or add comments on books listed here... Board Review Fernandez: Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards Geyer: Neurology for the Boards Clinical Neurology: Merritt's Neurology, 11th Ed. Lewis P. Roland Adams and Victor's
Page: Suicidality
Patients with seizures and epilepsy, whether on medication or not, are at significantly increased risk for depression and suicide compared to patients without seizure disorder in the general population. This likely reflects a combination of factors, the
Page: Summary of Ward Rotation Expectations
Summary of Ward Rotation Expectations SENIOR Expected to know all patients (inpatient and active consults) on your team. Update the daily expected discharge list in the clerks' station. Delegate daily responsibilities between the senior, junior, intern (i
Page: Support Groups
Alzheimer's Association - Greater Michigan Chapter Support Groups Alzheimer's Association - Michigan Great Lakes Chapter


Page: Tapering AEDs for LTM
Video-EEG recording is the gold standard for distinguishing epileptic from psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES), as well as seizure type classification, and to evaluate for epilepsy surgery. For many patients, the frequency for their events is unpre
Page: Teaching Tips
Here is a copy of the Teaching Evaluation Form we use for our residents. TEACHING WORKSHOP – Presentation Tips Slides and other visuals are an aid, not the main act. Slide Background Use a light font on a dark background (preferred) or a dark font on a li
Page: Teaching Tools
Medical Student Teaching Tools London Cases Basic NeuroRads Powerpoint (By Zach London)
Page: testhome
TEST TEST TEST TEST This is an unmoderated website and NOT a reliable source of medical information. No patient information should be placed here. Emergencies Acute Stroke Status Epilepticus Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Venous Sinus Thrombosis Increased I
Page: Testing Page
{center} {vote:What is your favorite Fortress Party room?} Hobo Lounge Skull and Bones Werewolf in Space Eskimo Retirement Home Pamplona {vote} {center} {center} {lozenge:title=University of Michigan Medical Center|link=|color=blue
Page: Thursday Clinical Lecture Series 2009-2010
{table-plus} || Date || Speaker || Topic || | 3-Sep | Rajajee | Prognostication and neuroprotection after anoxic brain injury | | 10-Sep | Adelman | Meet the Fellowship Directors | | 17-Sep | Braley | MS Diagnosis | | 24-Sep | Parag Patil | DBS for moveme
Page: Thursday Clinical Neurology Lecture Schedule 2008-2009
{table-plus} || Date || Presenter || Topic || | 4-Sep | Kerber | Dizziness 1 | | 11-Sep | Kerber | Dizziness 2 | | 18-Sep | Jacobs | Neuromuscular Weakness and Respiratory Failure | | 25-Sep | London | Peripheral Localization | | 2-Oct | Kluin | Dysarthri
Page: Tiagabine
Comment Adjunctive therapy of partial seizures, with and without secondary generalization. Mechanism of action distinct from that of other antiepileptic drugs, and clearly demonstrated efficacy in partial seizures. Short half-life necessitating multiple
Page: Topiramate
Comment Adjunctive therapy or monotherapy in partial and secondarily generalized seizures. Also useful for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures. High responder rates but central nervous system adverse effects FDA indicatio
Page: Topiramate Dosing & Titration
Start with a prescription for 25 mg pills, #150 Week 1 One 25 mg pill each evening Week 2 1 pill, twice per day Week 3 1 pill each morning, 2 pills each evening Week 4 2 pills, twice per day Week 5 2 pills each morning, 3 pills each evening Week 6 3 pills
Page: Transfer Checklist
Attending Attending accepts transfer Verify medical stability and appropriate level of care Obtain medical records Consider placing brief note in care web If patient is NICU candidate, notify neurointensivist Attending notifies senior resident Senior resi
Page: Tuesday Basic Science Conference Schedule 2008-2009
{table-plus} || Date || Speaker || Topic || | 22-Sep | Sarah Newman | CNS Development | | 29-Sep | Sarah Newman | Spinal Cord and Spinal Reflexes | | 6-Oct | Sarah Newman | Brainstem Organization and the Visceral Cranial Nerves | | 13-Oct | Sarah Newman |
Page: Tuesday Basic Science Conference Schedule 2009-2010
{table-plus} || Date || Speaker || Topic || | 1-Sep | Kelli Sullivan | CNS development | | 8-Sep | Kelli Sullivan | Forebrain functional anatomy | | 15-Sep | Kelli Sullivan | Anatomy of the spinal cord | | 22-Sep | Chuck Newman | Neuropharmacology | | 29-


Page: update
Page: Use of restraints on 4A for LTM patients
When we use restraints on LTM patients we should have a conversation with the patient, on camera, that describes why we are using restraints and the risks of restraints (if any). The patients should assent to the restraint use. Please also remind the pat
Page: Useful phone numbers
Area code: 734 Prefixes: 232, 763, 764, 936, 615, 647, 998 Hospital operator: 6-4000 Adult LTM reading room: 6-9207 and 2-0100 Routine reading room:6-9041, 9-9039 Epi lab: 6-9066 EEG techs: 6-9035 Tech cell: 330-1331 Stat EEG tech (7am to 4:30p on weekday
Page: Using Natus
On PCs with Natus installed, Natus Database should open automatically, or find it under the start menu. Natus from a KIOSK PC using citrix (PCs on nursing desks, clinic staff rooms, clinic rooms etc): Open IE or any other browser and type 'vplaces' in th
Page: Usual Pediatric Dosages of AEDs
{table-plus} || Generic Name || Trade Name || Efficacy || Starting dose (mg/kd/day) || Doses per day || Dose escalation rate (daily dose / time) || Maintenance dose (mg/kg/day) || Length of time to maintenance dose || Therapeautic range of plasma concentr


Page: VA
The Team a senior resident a junior resident a psychiatry intern med students (usually 2-4) The Schedule Mornings: The weekday mornings are spent in clinic (except Wednesday, which is protected for conference). Lunch: Bring a lunch unless you like VA food
Page: VA Cyclophosphamide Protocol
Prior to the first infusion Order labs within 1 week of the infusion: CBC Electrolytes BUN/Creatinine Liver profile Pregnancy test Urinalysis with cytology For the first infusion Infuse 1 liter 1/2 NS prior to administration of Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan),
Page: VA EEGs
Ordering EEGs EEGs and evoked potentials are ordered through CPRS. Bring up the consult order form and look under the "Neurology Procedures" section. Include information about why the study is being ordered. "Seizures" doesn't count. Put in either a descr
Page: Vacation
No goals, no objectives. Just a few hints to keep everyone happy while you are away: Resident room mailbox: -Tape a piece of paper to the front of your mailbox, saying that you are on vacation, the dates you will be unavailable, and that messages should b
Page: Valproate
Comment See FDA Black Box Warning A very valuable antiepileptic drug, especially for generalized epilepsies. First-line therapy of idiopathic generalized epilepsies. First-line or adjunctive therapy of cryptogenic or symptomatic generalized epilepsies. V
Page: Vascular Neurology
Normal Vascular Anatomy Normal Venous Anatomy Stroke Team tools Acute Stroke Page tPA packet Inpatient stroke protocol IA checklist Conside
Page: Vascular Neurology Lecture Series 2010-2011
Date Lecturer Title 9/24/2010 Lesli Skolarus, MD Results of a Community-Based Survey of Stroke Knowledge/The Burden of ICH in the Elderly 10/1/2010 Lynda Lisabeth, PhD Air Pollution and Stroke 10/8/2010 Steve Leber/Eric Adelman MD's Peds Neurology Case
Page: Venous Sinus Thrombosis
a.k.a. Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Causes Hypercoagulable states Pregnancy Malignancy Dehydration OCPs Altitude Idiopathic Diagnosis Symptoms vary, so must have a high index of suspicion Common symptoms include: Headache Seizure Elevated ICP Focal findings
Page: Viewing conferences from off site locations
Viewing conferences from off site locations Link for the meeting room: To access the meeting click on the link. Enter your name in the name field then click on Ent
Page: Vigabatrin
Comment See FDA Black Box Warning A first-line drug for the treatment of infantile spasms, particularly those caused by tuberous sclerosis complex. Because of the risk of irreversible visual field constriction, vigabatrin is now not used for focal epileps
Page: Viral Meningoencephalitis
HSV History: Viral prodrome Rapid progression of: Floridly abnormal behavior Amnesia Seizures Hemiplegia Coma Lumbar puncture: HSV PCR on CSF May see elevated RBC, mono predominance Elevated protein MRI may show: Anterior temporal lobe edema Uncal herniat


Page: Wada
The patient's EEG is hooked up in the Adult Epi lab, and then taken to the Neurointerventional Radiology Suite in University Hospital, Floor B1 Gus Buchtel is the neuropsychologist who does the testing Before the test Find the Wadas scheduled for the week
Page: Wards
Helpful Inpatient Information: Afib Monitor as outpatient FYI-to avoid phone calls about a-fib monitoring When ordering long-term monitoring for atrial fibrillation, use the diagnosis: atrial fibrillation (427.31). You only need a suspicion that the pati
Page: Weekend Night Float Coverage Changes Final v1.5
Weekend Night Float Coverage July 2015 - June 2016 July 3: Sas (1) July 4 McDonald (1) July 10: Ebright (1) July 11: Mohney (1) July 17: Ebright (2) July 18: Beltran (1) July 24: Kobelja (1) July 25: Mohney (2) July 31: Beltran (2) August 1: Ebright (3) A
Page: Weekend on call
PEDIATRICS On weekends, with a Blue pass, park in P3 or P4. parking.JPG Sign the stat EEG pager out to you: dial (93)6-6268, then 39912, then "2," then "1," then your pager #. Wait until the prompt says "your final..." before hanging up. Print out the ema
Page: Weekly Conference Schedule
Weekly Conference Schedule Jan 9, 2012 Jan 2, 2012 Nov 28, 2011 Nov 7, 2011 Nov 14, 2011
Page: Weeknight on call
Call starts at 5 pm (for night float fellow - call starts at 6:00 pm) Sign the stat EEG pager out to you: dial (93)6-6268, then 39912, then "2," then "1," then your pager #. Wait until the prompt says "your final..." before hanging up. Print out the email
Page: Writing an EMG Report
The purpose of an EMG report is to briefly convey the patient's history & exam, summary of the data and an interpretation in the clinical context. Following a template will allow for improved diagnostic accuracy and result in quality patient care. Pati




Page: Zonisamide
Comment Adjunctive therapy of partial and secondarily generalized seizures. May also be useful as adjunctive therapy in a variety of primary generalized seizure types. A useful antiepileptic drug with a probable broad spectrum of efficacy. Long-term cli


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