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 Welcome to the MSA Retreat Confluence Site! 

This site is your resource for information presented and discussed at the MSA Retreat on November 1, 2011.  We had a total of 18 presentations and 2 World Cafe discussion exercises during the retreat.  While a lot of information was shared and discussed during the retreat, this site will also serve as a repository for all information, discussions and work completed as a result of the retreat.  We recommend that you add this page to your "Favorite List" and watch as updates are made to the space.   

Please do not edit any information on this site!  For questions, concerns or updates, please contact Mindy Warden at 

MSA Retreat Home Page

  • MSA Retreat Agenda
  • Pre-Retreat Survey Results
  • Retreat Attendee List

MSA Unit Boxes: IT, Research, Education, Facilities, Regulatory Affairs, Faculty Affairs, Dean's Office
 (Click on the boxes to find the information below)

  • Presentations for each unit
  • Organizational Charts for each unit
  • Resource Information related to the unit or specific area within the unit
  • Contact for each unit is on the presentation

We will be adding a "Post Retreat" Box (like the exisiting unit boxes) which will be the repository for all of the following:

  • Post retreat discussions 
  • Prioritized list of recommendations generated from the retreat 
  • Project Task Teams
    • Assigned Task/Project
    • Member List
    • Charge, Deliverables and Timelines
    • Progress Updates

To find information quickly, use the search function in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Also, visit the Confluence Guide on the Dashboard.

As you review and use this site, please keep in mind that information will be updated and changed as we strive to keep current and maintain the initiative. 

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