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Sensitive and/or regulated information such as Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), including research data, personally identifiable information such as SSNs, or credit card information, should not be collected, processed or stored in Confluence. The system is not intended for that purpose and, in the case of sensitive and/or regulated data, may not meet the required security safeguards. Please contact the Health Information Technology & Services Service Desk at 734-763-7770 or 734-936-8000 for assistance if you have collaborative needs that involve those types of data.
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(the) F.U.N.K.
The Financial Understanding for Nodes Knowledgebase (the) F.U.N.K. is a repository of knowledge and guidelines pertainin...
Advanced Research Computing Technology Services
Documentation for internal use and users.
C.S. Mott Pediatric Health Information System WIKI
This WIKI assists PHIS analysts and data customers with using the PHIS data extraction tool and interpreting the data. I...
Confluence Guide
A space which uses text, images, and video to walk you through the basics of Confluence.
Enabling Technologies
Foundations for Successful Leadership
Liu Zheng Lab
MedBus is a serviceoriented architecture solution to providing federated data services for the UMHS research data strate...
Mi2b2 Help Documentation
MICHR Public
Office of Space Information, Analysis, & Planning
Psychotherapy Competency Committee and Anxiety Disorders Clinic Library Holdings
ULAM Guidelines and SOPs
UMHHC Facilities
UMHS Hiring Best Practices
UMHS KnowledgeBase
This is the UMHS Public SelfHelp Information Service Resource.
UMHS Leadership Reference
U-M Poke Program

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Jul 20, 2016 Dr. Mammoser gave up his time for the Herdman Professorship Installation Jul 20, 2016 Dr. Mammoser agreed t...
Patient Conference 2016-2017
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Rodent Husbandry SOP
Procedures for Veterinary Medical Records
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